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Our free standing 6 sheets, which are the same size posters as are seen in bus shelters, are placed in locations to maximise the chance of the passing audience seeing the advertising on them.  With comprehensive distribution throughout the UK, we can ensure that wherever your business is there is the opportunity to reach your target audience through our 6 sheet advertising.

6 sheets are bright, at eye level, and reach a wide variety of audiences that are going about their daily routines.  We are able to identify the best locations based on your location or target audience and suggest the best sites for your brand campaign.


As well as launching InLinkUK from BT, we have been awarded BT’s street furniture advertising contract, taking over 19,100 payphones and 2,250 6-sheet faces, both across London and key UK cities. Offering unrivalled frequency, proximity and ubiquity these carefully selected locations are perfect for reaching consumers in a moment of decision-making.

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Small format roadside adverts are one of the most locally targeted forms of advertising you can buy. Affordable and easy to book, we know they’ll help you become famous in your area. Get in touch with our team now to buy your first one or to ask any questions you might have.

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