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What is roadside advertising? Everything you need to know

As marketing and advertising experts, Global is one of the most innovative leading suppliers of billboard advertisements that are located in busy, urban areas across the UK.

Owning thousands of key sites, Global has the biggest collection of roadside and premium billboard formats that can offer a substantial return on investment for advertisers.

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We offer a selection of different types and sizes of billboard advertising that each focus on brand awareness, relevance and fame. Operating in cities across the UK, it is hugely likely that you’ve seen one of our billboard advertisement slots in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff and many more regional cities.

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OOH, advertising is considered to be a traditional form of marketing. But even though it is one of the oldest techniques of reaching a wider audience, it also one of the most effective.

Even in the digital era, roadside billboards have evolved massively and remain to be one of the most popular mediums and channels of communication. This is because billboard advertising produces consistent results that can be unmatched through any other advertising source. See case studies.

Our clients here at Global can tell you why they consistently advertise each product launch or message with us. 

Roadside billboard advertisements offer our clients the chance to connect with key demographics and turn them into customers.

Marketing campaigns created with Global achieve success after success and this is mainly due to the billboard’s prominence. 

With many options to choose from in the hottest of geographical locations, recommended formats for successful campaigns are 6 sheets, 48 and 96 sheets.

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Roadside advertising explained:

Roadside advertising defines large poster billboard sites that are located in high-trafficked and busy locations such as on the side of roads or motorways. The purpose of roadside advertising is to help small and large businesses market and promote their products, services or message.

As mentioned above, roadside advertising has evolved incredibly over the decades. What started as murals on the side of buildings in the 1790s to grow businesses and promote goods has grown into more innovative and vibrant displays.

This form of marketing has become the go-to advertising choice for commercial businesses to grow on a national scale, turning initially small businesses into household names. 

Due to the inexpensive costs of billboard advertising, local businesses are beginning to take advantage of the advantages of roadside advertising to expand their brand.

Our guide to purchasing out-of-home advertising.

Roadside advertising options:

  • 6 sheets: Positioned at eye-level and commonly referred to as small format advertising that catches consumers as they are going about their business
  • 48 sheet posters: The go-to choice for advertisers, typically located on busy roundabouts, traffic lights, shopping centres and train stations.
  • 96 sheets: Double the size of 48-sheets, 98 sheets are very large billboard formats, which have proven to be the most effective because they cannot be ignored.
  • Bus advertising: Want to reach 48 million people in two weeks? Bus advertising is one of the highest reaching displays that include posters, bus panels and complete takeovers.
  • Digital displays: LED screens that are positioned to enhance the consumer experience - these formats are often effective in the darker months as they stand out.

Does roadside advertising work?

The truth is yes, roadside billboard advertisements prove to be effective time and time again. The main advantage of this form of marketing is that it has the power to reach a mass audience very quickly.

How many adverts have you seen already today? Have you ever recalled an advert? Spoken about it to a friend? Roadside advertisements can be very impactful if they are done correctly.

The magic of roadside advertising is that communicates a level of trust and authority to potential customers, permitting them to create a connection to your business and influence their purchasing decisions.

Compared to other advertising outlets, roadside advertising offers advertisers many different, yet effective ways to reach and connect to an audience without competing for attention for space or time.

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Getting the message right

What’s perfect about billboards is that they can deliver successful impacts working alone and can create even bigger waves when paired with wider marketing tactics.

Using roadside advertising as a primary marketing channel, you should ensure that your message, design and execution appear clear and consistent. This is how you build brand fame.

For advertisers looking to test out different strategies and techniques, we would recommend using other channels to tweak your message. However, colours, imagery and strong slogans should all remain the same – this will make you memorable.

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Roadside Billboards: What you need to consider

Here at Global, we know that an advertisement is only as strong as the demographics that support it. You want to ensure that your messaging is in line with your audience – getting it right with static billboards is crucial for your campaign as these are not able to be changed or altered.

Digital display billboards, on the other hand, offer marketing professionals the chance to change and adapt their adverts – but these displays are few and far in-between. Another slight disadvantage to using digital displays is that often you compete with other businesses and brands on a rotation, which can limit your full exposure.

Standard roadside billboard advertisements may not be easily altered, however, they have the power to create a long-lasting and unforgettable impression.

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Why you shouldn’t wait

Roadside advertising boasts a huge level of exposure to the general public. Global use clear marketing strategies, analytics, demographics and customer mapping technology to ensure your promotional message is executed without a hiccup.

Our expertise in geo-targeting and our thousands of prime locations allow us to offer our clients clear and effective channels of communication that result in success after success.

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