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Global is the largest provider of bus advertising nationwide

It provides the ability to engage with audiences on the move across the whole of the UK. It not only drives dynamic cover irrespective of TV area, city or town, but it does so at scale.

We have several case studies that prove the effectiveness of Bus advertising, from driving awareness, increasing store footfall or brand consideration. Looking to reach a specific local audience?


Exterion Media -Bus Advertising - 4.5 billion passenger journeys in the UK, 2.2 billion trips made on London buses alone


The Audience

Bus advertising reaches over 48 million adults over a typical two-week period, making it one of the highest reaching broadcast channels available. Buses are particularly dynamic when targeting illusive 15-34 light TV viewers. So, if you are searching for that young, highly mobile & social audience, whether Metropolitan or Micropolitan, then buses provide the ideal solution.

Exterion Media - Bus Advertising reaches over 48 million people

Exterion Media - Bus Advertising Demographics

The Environment

Buses go where people go – they can be found on every high street in the UK, they are an integral part of the nation’s town & city infrastructure - essential in moving consumers at scale around their daily habitats. They are all the more prevalent in London where the red double decker has become an iconic symbol of the capital itself.

Exterion Media - 85% of London commuters prefer Buses with advertising

Exterion Media - Virgin Trains Bus Advertising Campaign

Local Advertising

Looking to reach a local audience?

Global is an expert in providing bus advertising solutions that reach the heart of local markets. We can tailor a campaign that reaches your local audience at a national, regional or city level. 

Simply select one of the links below to read more about what we can offer in that location.

Bus advertising can communicate your message to a large and valuable audience, quickly and affordably. Contact us today to see how we can help you reach your audience. 

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Our Regions, Your Audience

Test the salience of your campaign through our award winning urban panel, work.shop.play. measuring the effectiveness of the creative across three levels: drive, attention and relevance. Contact us to find out more about creative testing. 


Browse the list below to view the wide range of bus advertising formats we have available, as well as quick links to the production specs.

Why not check out our new Mega T-side showreel below.

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