The difference between digital and paper billboards

The difference between digital and paper billboards

Digital wow factor or paper exclusivity?

Understanding billboard advertising and the cost and contract rates can be tricky. As a good starting point, we recommend that you understand and distinguish the differences between digital advertisements and traditional paper billboards.

More recently, we have seen a considerable increase in digital billboard advertising, which is often deemed as the new modern way to showcase your business.

Also, 92% of all SME/small businesses believe that billboard advertising is too expensive. However,  at Global, we provide several options of billboard advertising with every budget in mind.

Both types of advertising achieve similar results, are affordable and have provided Global’s local clients with an excellent return on investment. Here are some points to consider when making your decision:

Paper billboards are friendlier to the environment and promote sustainability

Traditional billboards are considered to be sustainable because they can be recycled – whereas digital billboards operate using an electrical display unit.

Traditional billboards often provide bespoke slots

When opting for an automated digital billboard, some cases involve sharing your advertising space with other corporate businesses. This ultimately means that your placement is not entirely unique, in comparison to traditional, paper billboards that only include you.

In this instance, with paper billboards you have the opportunity to be seen more by commuters.

There is less competition for traditional billboards

In the digital age there has been an increase in demand for electric billboards, which has led to greater competition to secure advertisement slots.

This shift has resulted in a somewhat oversaturation of ads and this could affect the overall effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

This means that in some instances, paper billboards are more available, cost-effective and easier to secure in some top, high-traffic London locations.

With Global – you will not need to worry about your ad getting lost or not being seen. What makes us stand out from other advertising agencies is that we listen to your brand’s goal and message and will best advise the most cost-effective optimal position for your advertisement, regardless of the advertising  medium you choose.

Outdoor billboard advertising availability

Outdoor advertising is currently a very popular choice for businesses local to London. This is because they are able to reach a sector of the market that helps to grow their company.

Because of its popularity, the common problem this causes for advertising agencies currently is a lack of space.

Again, here at Global we never experience this problem. Offering clients a choice 10,000 billboard advertising networks available in the UK of which 7,500 of these are located in London.

We carefully check and map out each of our locations to ensure our advertisers get the most out of their investment with impressive and innovative customer mapping techniques and systems. Our data collection and research makes Global a trusted brand in Outdoor advertising.

Billboard advertising effectiveness

Who does Outdoor billboard advertising actually reach?

Recent statistics tell us that:

●        Commuters (69% of commuters travel to work by car). They mostly use the same routes day after day and are often stuck in traffic during rush hour periods.

●        Age groups between 18-49 and millennial (Outdoor marketing is one of the most effective channels at targeting younger generations and consumers).

●        Shoppers (93% of shoppers have claimed to regularly buy goods after seeing them through virtual displays and channels).

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