The Cost of Billboard Advertising

Billboard advertising and ad placement costs

Billboard advertising and ad placement costs 

The UK's largest collection of roadside, premium digital and almost every bus in the UK.

Throughout the whole of the UK – particularly London, Global is considered to be one of the best billboard advertising agencies offering the most effective advertising solutions that combines the most dynamic and wide-ranging choice of Outdoor solutions; bus, train, roadside billboards, cinema and airport.  

We’re proud to be one of the UK’s leading media & entertainment groups.

Our clients trust us and return to us because of the results we achieve and because we are honest about the pricing process.

Other advertising companies in the city, who list advertising costs on their website, are not being entirely clear with you. We believe that it is unprofessional to give a direct or specific quote of any advertising cost online without understanding your message, goals or campaign specifics.

Here at Global, we use our expertise to consider many factors when providing our advertisers with highly competitive quotes. We have listed each factor below with more information on what to consider when renting your next billboard.

What affects the price?

  • The format of billboards – digital or traditional
  • Billboard placement location: the location you wish to target. We have 10,000 ad slots in different areas of London including residential areas, shopping locations, roadsides, busy streets including landmarks and much more
  • The audience and demographic you want to target. For example, do you want your billboard to reach the unemployed, or an ABC1 audience?
  • Billboard space/size
  • Length of contract, the display period billboard rental

Billboard size

Let’s start with the size of your billboard, which has a direct impact on the price that you will eventually pay.

Much of this has to with production costs, although as a general rule you will have two comparative options available to you.

Known colloquially as a ‘standard billboard’, the 48 Sheet billboards is the cheapest traditional billboard, there are even smaller options at 6 sheets. See small format. These smaller billboards are often placed outside business retail outlets that open late and have significant foot traffic. More.

Although these are not really referred to as a billboard they are extremely effective at creating brand noise and attention with foot traffic as they are at eye level.

96 Sheet Billboards and larger billboards are of course more money.

Global: As well as launching InLinkUK from BT, we have been awarded BT’s street furniture advertising contract, taking over 19,100 payphones and 2,250 6-sheet faces, both across London and other key UK cities. 

Length of contract

The longer the contract the bigger the reduction in weekly cost. Minimum rental is two weeks, comment is 4,8 and 12 weeks.

We completely understand that marketing managers and professionals putting proposals together and managing budgets need to know this information.

However, at Global we truly want you to have the very best outdoor advertising campaign, so give us a call to chat to us about your buyer persona and we will be able to advise you on the best steps moving forward. 

We’re unlike any other advertising agencies. If you have set a budget to advertise – let us know. Our past work has seen us accommodate large and small companies regardless of their budget.

We can help your business find the right, affordable service that will also be beneficial for your company that will put you in a comfortable position to continue advertising with us.

Delivery Deadlines 

  • Concept approval is required 10 working days before the campaign live date.
  • Final files are required at least 5 working days before the campaign is due to go live.
  • We cannot guarantee the live date of a campaign if the delivery deadlines are not met.

Additional file delivery & scheduling

As part of the media booking, each advertiser can deliver up to five files every two weeks without incurring additional charges.

If any additional scheduling is required once the campaign has gone live, this will incur an extra charge.

Off-peak (evening and weekend) scheduling and costs are also available on request.


All creative work is subject to approval by London Underground. The full guidelines can be accessed online and we strongly recommend that you review these fully before commencing production.

It is compulsory that all motion video files are tested for luminance and flickering; this is not compulsory for static files.

General limitations 

  • Creative must not resemble any traffic sign/signal
  • Video content is not permitted
  • Screens do not emit sound
  • Adverts must conform to the Advertising Standards Authority Code
  • All content must comply with our Terms and Conditions

Our reputation has been built on the amazing innovative services and successes we have achieved for our partners.

Global’s creative teams have always put the ambitions of our clients first – it has always been our culture to provide a great service that helps the audience we reach engage with the brands we believe in.

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