Choosing the Ideal Billboard Location

Choosing the Ideal Billboard Location

Choosing the right UK area

Reaching over 95% of the UK population: Global can target millions of consumers across London and the UK for our clients in more locations than any other agency.

One of the most important factors to consider is the location and placement of your billboard advertising. Essentially, the right location has the power to impact your impressions, conversions, footfall and return on investment. See available location by city.

High footfall 

High footfall describes the number of individuals who pass by the site of your billboard and impressions define the amount of times that these individuals are likely to notice and act on your advert.

London location?

For example, Piccadilly Circus in London has estimated footfall traffic of 2 million people a week. Another great location is Cricklewood Lane, which is notoriously known for being one of the slowest moving roads in the entire UK – meaning your impressions increase. This means you have a greater chance at having an advert that is better received, more effective and has higher engagement. [Link to London Billboard page.]

Locations like this in London provide you with a huge advantage over the market as it allows you to effectively target certain demographics and consumers without breaking the bank.

Targeting the right demographic

It’s not just the location you need to determine, but the audience type and demographics you wish to target and identify.

Know your audience

If you don’t know your audience, don’t worry, we are experienced in this area and here to help. 

Our team are experts in marketing and optimising campaigns to perform at their best. Choosing the right placement for your advert cannot rely solely on the location. For example, one area may have a greater amount of impressions, but it the impressions may not be on your target audience and therefore may not be leading to the desired number of conversions.

In order for your campaign to be successful, it’s important that your billboard advertisement is placed in an area in London that will be most effective, for example, if you want to target the unemployed - areas like Regent Street may not be the most suitable option for you.

Call us today and we can best advise you on the right billboard advertisement and location that will help your brand thrive.

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