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Roadside Advertising Campaigns

Billboards offer precision targeting and provide a huge, unmissable impact

Get your brand or local business visible 24/7/365, advertise on billboards

Your guide to Billboard advertising. With an extensive and diverse portfolio, Global is a leader in outdoor advertising across the UK and Europe. Our portfolio combines traditional billboards with premium digital screens in prime UK locations. 

We work with all sizes of businesses and often with companies using billboard advertising for the very first time.

They offer an impactful and truly national coverage, and with maximum visibility in key arterial roads and high streets they are the perfect format for delivering brand fame at scale.

Be audience relevant: If you want to make an impact in your local area, consider advertising on large format billboards.

Global billboards provide a bold, eye-catching and effective way of reaching large local audiences.

Our billboard portfolio

Our billboard portfolio is the ideal platform for advertisers looking to make an attention-grabbing statement.  See location by cities.

Billboards offer an impactful national coverage, and with maximum visibility in key arterial roads and high streets, they are the perfect format for delivering brand fame at scale. Production Specs.

Cost-effective advertising

Global offers a cost-effective advertising channel with maximum reach - this promise is backed up by data and research. Across our entire business, we’re committed to making more moments that matter for our clients’ audiences. See benefits of roadside advertising.

In making the decision to invest some of your marketing budget on large format billboard advertisements, you can successfully gain exposure for your brand and reach local audiences where they live, commute, work, shop and socialise.

Billboard advertising

We understand billboard advertising

We connect the best of Outdoor billboards advertising with the widest possible audience choice enhanced by our number of iconic London locations, research data and state of the art digital billboards.

“We have successfully combined the accuracy and accountability of our digital marketing with the high impact, trust & fame building abilities of large format billboards in London and other UK cities.”

Billboard Advertising Statistics

Insightful statistics which showcase the real power that billboard advertising offers to brands:

●        93% of the population will see some form of out of home (OOH) advertising each and every week.

●        People who have seen an Outdoor advert are 21% more likely to interact with the brand or campaign.

●        Nearly half of consumers see some form of Outdoor advertising an hour before shopping online.

Dynamic delivery

One popular aspect of roadside advertising is that unlike online or television advertising - billboards are never turned off so your adverts continue to promote your company every day all day.

Exciting formats

Global’s roadside advertising comes in a number of exciting formats. These include classic billboards, large and small digital billboards, bus advertising and even phone boxes. More on roadside advertising.

Whether advertisers are looking to make an attention-grabbing statement on our Waterloo Domination, reach local audiences on the high street with our phone kiosks or speak to consumers in a relaxed mindset in cinemas and airports across the country, our outdoor products have something to offer every advertiser whatever the ambition of their campaign.

“93% of all London small businesses think Billboard advertising costs would be out of their budget”

With over 7,500 locations, Global is one of the largest billboard site owners. With economies of scale comes reduced placement costs for our clients. Through scale, we can supply effective advertising solutions to reach any local audience demographic at a cost-effective price.

As large UK media owners we have combined our 20-year Outdoor expertise with the largest choice of 7,500 billboards locations and types of billboards.

From the small six-sheet billboard outside convenient stores, in shopping malls or cinemas to the standard 48 and 96 sheet roadside billboards that users are more familiar with.

Global creative design for billboards

Paper Billboards or Super DOOH Premium

In 2019 Global purchased Primesight and Outdoor Plus that owned some of the most sophisticated and some of the largest digital screens in the most prestigious locations in London.

Through our digital innovations, Global customers can enjoy enhanced digital connectivity in their OOH world.

Digital Billboards provides your brand with the flexibility to engage with the right people at the right time. Global works with companies of all sizes looking to use an outdoor advertising campaign to grow their business.

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The ultimate Outdoor advertising one stop shop

“By combining Outdoor Advertising with our radio and digital brands, and our world leading digital advertising platform, DAX, we are able to provide the most compelling ‘one stop’ solution to UK brands, agencies and advertisers.”

Small to Large Billboard & Digital: To discuss your next advertising campaigns simply call, chat or fill in one of our call-back request forms.  Book your advertising billboards through Global on 0800 80 85619.

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