Convenience 6 sheets advertising

Convenience store 6 sheets

There are various reasons why small format outdoor is used; from general brand building, to influencing the consumer journey just before purchase, or to target a certain audience or location. However, the main benefit that small format offers is the standard size combined with sheer numbers, offering advertisers powerful broadcast reach and frequency.

Consumers spend over 3 hours per day out and about. Nothing gets you closer to influencing them during that last window of purchase than using carefully placed convenience 6-sheets. In fact, 83% of people recall seeing outdoor advertising within the last 30 minutes before shopping.
(Source: Touchpoints 2018)

Our locations are carefully selected to deliver unrivalled frequency, proximity and ubiquity; perfect for reaching consumers in a moment of decision-making. Proximity advertising is important and a very effective way of driving sales by targeting your audience at just the right moment.

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