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With a choice of classic and digital formats across 162 cinemas nationwide, this environment offers a range of opportunities for brands.

In 2019 we saw a record-breaking 178 million admissions to UK cinemas – a space where you can speak to people in a positive, happy mindset (making them more open to your message), spending time with their friends and family.


Our digital screens are available in almost 100 of the busiest cinemas around the UK and are equipped with fully interactive and touchscreen technology.
D6s are positioned in the main thoroughfare areas of these cinemas and offer the flexibility to show your advertising when it suits you best and is most relevant to your business (i.e. weekends, kids clubs, etc.).


Classic 6 sheets are available across the entire cinema environment, offering you broad reach across the UK. Classic 6-sheets offer great incremental cover when combined with a cinema D6 campaign. They’re a more affordable option that can help build cover with tighter budgets.


Interactive D6s bring the advertising experience to life for cinemagoers. With an average dwell time of 20 minutes you’ve got an audience waiting and primed for action.

These screens offer the unique opportunity for audiences to interact with a campaign, and alongside the built-in cameras, sound technology, facial recognition and live feed options there are great triggers to communicate with your desired target audience. Cinema interactive assists you in two key ways:

  1. You can influence the cinema foyer behaviour of thousands

  2. You can improve brand recall and data capture

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