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The future of rail advertising: 400 national rail stations

National Rail advertising provides access to the UK’s upmarket, affluent rail audience. Our offering is fully national, and we provide solutions at towns and key cities right across the country, including London, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The rail environment provides long dwell times of between 7 – 13 mins on average, so plenty of time for people to digest and act upon advertising messages. 63% of passengers are using trains for business or commuting and so rail delivers repetitive, habitual travel patterns and audience spikes at morning and evening commuter times.

Exterion Media National Rail advertising coverage vs JCDecaux

There are a huge range of classic and digital formats to choose from across the network; from high quality broadcast formats like 48 sheets, 6 sheets and 4 sheets, to our high-impact large format Digital Gateway @ Manchester Victoria.
We have a national D6 portfolio too across the rail network, and our combined environment packages like Oyster, London Commuter and National Transport combine the audience power of the London Underground with Rail to deliver an unparalleled London commuting audience every single day.  2019 also saw the roll out of our brand new D12 network across SWR. 

Plan campaigns nationally or locally, we will have a solution to fit your needs.

If you are looking for impact and interaction, Global offers exclusive experiential marketing opportunities for brands looking to truly engage with station audiences. Broaden your campaign’s potential via station takeovers, installations, on-board activation or go bold with full train wraps.

Classic formats:

48 sheets
12 sheets
6 sheets
4 sheets

Digital Formats:


We have several case studies that prove the effectiveness of rail advertising, from driving awareness, increasing store football or brand consideration. Looking to reach a specific local audience?

National Rail Highlights

Rail audiences are growing:

There are 1.7BN passenger journeys every year (source: Office of Road and Rail UK)

Rail delivers very high-quality audience demographics: for example SWR yields a 50% AB profile – the highest of all network in the country (source TGI 2019)

The average dwell time in the rail environment is 7 – 13 mins – this leads to greater levels of recall for ads, the brand and the message.

Rail commuters develop certain habits which become entrenched into their journeys. Identifying these allows us to effectively target this audience.

Production Specs

To find out more about how we can help you plan your perfect rail campaign. Simply call 0800 80 85 619 , use our online chat function or fill in the contact form.

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