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Choosing to advertise on Global’s Metro opportunities gives you direct access to your audience, as well as gain your brand local fame. Metro can offer an extended reach of engagement whilst helping to increase brand awareness to people who visit the heart of the community and cities.

Our Metro offering advertising can be found at stations across the UK, including some of the biggest cities (Glasgow and Newcastle

The Numbers 

  • Tyne & Wear Metro – 36.4m annual passengers 
  • SPT – 13.1m annual passengers 

The Audience 

Metro users:
  • Professional – Metro users are 32% more likely to be professional or in managerial position;
  • Young - 48% are aged between 15 – 34-year olds;
  • Disposable income - 52% of metro users are ABC1’s, the perfect audience to introduce to your brand. 

The Environment 

Stand Out – a Wrapped Train on the Metro is truly an unmissable format, stand out from the crowd with this opportunity!   

Dwell – passengers spend on average 6-10 minutes waiting for the Train, with higher dwell time comes greater level of ad recall. 

Scale – 91.6m people travel on our Metro systems every year 

Source: TGI 2019, ORR 2019, Statista 2019

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