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A revolutionary new channel in outdoor advertising, Digital Buses are bringing dynamic content to the bus for the very first time. They’re a key milestone for bus advertising and offer brands the chance to showcase digital content in a way that hasn’t been possible until now.

95% pedestrian impacts

Digital bus - ask more of your phone

Digital Buses offer the chance to engage a pedestrian audience thanks to being pavement-facing above the heads of the crowds, ensuring 100% visibility. The screens run geo targeted subtle motion messages, making your creative work harder on the LED display. They also allow you to maximise the proximity effect when targeting audiences up and down the high street.

Engage with active shoppers

Exterion Media - Modern High Street

Source: Modern High Street

The key benefit of reaching a pedestrian audience is the opportunity to inspire them, and according to the Modern High Street 9 in 10 people enjoy shopping on the high street and two-thirds often buy unplanned items. This makes Digital Bus the perfect platform to stand out from the crowd and prompt spontaneous purchases.  See also full-motion screen advertising.

Flexible, responsive and accountable messaging


There’s also the opportunity to display dynamically optimised content. Digital buses offer the most high impact geo-targeted campaigns available in outdoor and can also display time-specific content, allowing for hyper-contextual messaging.

It’s an accountable media, and our in-house campaign and content management software shows us exactly where your messaging is playing at all times, providing you with proof of play.

Iconic locations with an affluent audience

Exterion Media - digital bus routes and map

Target audiences with hyper-contextual messaging across some of Central London’s most iconic locations, such as Piccadilly, King’s Road, Shoreditch and St. Paul’s.

The audiences who see Digital Buses are young, affluent and heavily London-based, making it a strong platform on any media plan.

 Audience demographics:

Exterion Media - digital bus demographics

Source: Route

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