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As part of £90 million investment in growing our Ultra HD full-motion video estate, we’ve begun a roll out of new state-of-the-art digital products across the UK to deliver more flexible and dynamic campaigns for brands. 

Our full-motion video displays can be found across our TfL rail estate, National Rail and Bus environments, reaching 4.4 million UK consumers and delivering 276 million impression every week [Route] - cutting through to the young, hard-to-reach, under 35 audience. 

We’ve divided our digital products into three format collections: Vertical, V-Scape and Epic

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Posterscope Digital Drivers Exterion Media


This is our largest collection that can be found nationwide across all our Retail, London Underground and National Rail environments. These portrait full-motion screens can deliver scale to your advertising campaigns in brand-safe contextual environments. Based on our wealth of data and insight we have selected premium locations with high-dwell times that will deliver maximum engagement. 

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PEPs (Coming Soon)

Posterscope Digital Drivers Exterion Media


This landscape video collection includes our cross-track DX48s and the brand new 98-inch, Ultra HD D12 screens. The screens can be found at premium high-dwell time locations within zone 1 & 2 stations across London Underground and have been proven to deliver brands higher engagement. 

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Canary Wharf Screens

Posterscope Digital Drivers Exterion Media


These are, as the name suggests, epic high-impact screens in strategically placed locations. From our iconic screens at Canary Wharf to our Landmarks, these impactful screens deliver fame to brand campaigns. Keep an eye out for some some exciting, new Epic developments in the coming months, including on the Elizabeth line! 

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Canary Wharf Screens
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