Why use Outdoor Advertising?

Outdoor advertising allows advertisers to enjoy extended engagement with audiences in ways other mediums simply cannot match. 


Outdoor opens up brands to a new commuter audience that are often young, urban, affluent, and mobile consumers,


Outdoor gives advertisers a choice of targeting options. Target by context, demographic or mindset


Buses and trains in city centres near shops and restaurants allows brands to give consumers product suggestions close to the point-of-sale


Ensuring that ads are seen by a large audience in a large format. The more they see the more they will buy. Outdoor advertising works because it’s the most efficient and effective way to make a big, memorable impact on consumers.

People are spending more and more time out of their homes while they are working, shopping on the high street or socialising, and it's becoming increasingly difficult for brands to engage with them. 

Thanks to technological advancements and an increasing ownership of smart devices, people can act instantly on advertising messages making Outdoor more relevant and meaningful now than it has ever been.

Here are the 5 unique advantages of Outdoor advertising:

  • Audience icon

    The great thing about outdoor is that it connects with people by placing unmissable messages in their path. What’s more, the people you reach most with outdoor are the people you most want to reach – young, urban, mobile, active, connected, professional and light TV viewers.

  • Active space icon

    The context in which Outdoor advertising reaches people is the active space. People are alert, absorbing information, out there, in a positive mindset and open to visual stimulus. They are near the shops and en route to work, home, cinemas, pubs, sports and leisure venues. They are ready and open to influence.

  • Impressions that last icon

    Done well, Outdoor creative can stick in the mind for decades. Think The Economist, iPod silhouette, Hello Boys, or Volvo shark cage. The best creative is inspiring, and brilliantly condenses the message in visually branded form, taking advantage of or strongest sense, our sight, to lock in the brand message.

  • Amplify icon

    Outdoor works well in mixed media campaigns and always delivers unique cover. It carries the message to new people and demands its own unique form of attention. It’s also the medium which leads to the most mobile searches, and the one with the biggest word of mouth effect.

  • landscape icon

    Outdoor media is changing the urban landscape, transforming the look of cities and allowing brands to do all sorts of new things. From the high tech to the tactile, outdoor utilises cutting edge technology to engage consumers in ever evolving ways. It’s at the heart of change for brands, activating consumer behaviour and creating new touch points.

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