How to measure experiential marketing

Measuring Metrics around experiential impact

“How did the event go?”

When marketers are asked that, what their boss really wants to know is: “What benefits did the experiential marketing event bring to the company in new customers and revenue.

"67 percent of UK brands using experiential marketing we speak to say it positively correlates with actual sales"

Tracking results of ‘events’ are not as scientific as say pay per click with Google. The difficulty is that there are two factors to consider in defining success.

5 Immediate response metrics

  1. Brand mentions / hashtags / Follower growth rates / tweets, likes (positive social media channel exposure increase)
  2. Website traffic / web sales gained over an above standard day's traffic
  3. Website traffic / web sales gained from social media channels over an above standard day's traffic
  4. Offer take up / Email sign-ups via live offer / samples etc via pop-ups, retail builds delivery
  5. Revenue via discount codes / Satisfaction survey results

Delayed response metrics

  • Post event: This is what marketers are referring to when talking about improving brand reputation and or clarifying customer perception. Measuring an increase in new customer gained or revenue increases post-experiential events is also useful very useful to gauge the full impact of an event. Attribution can be given to the original message/channel even if that didn’t trigger an immediate purchase.
  • With the advent of ring fenced social media, Snapchat and WhatsApp for example; where possible event promotion could occur, ie consumers commenting or photographing a live event and then messaging their friends, it is impossible to access or measure that data. However it can be assumed to have happened.

Metrics around impact

There has always been a challenge with measuring offline effectiveness. The problem is simply how do you quantify and cover into data the success of a person’s experience in the physical world? 

With products that are hard to explain fully in adverts, experiential can lead to those moments of “I get it.” By handing your products literally into the hands of your customers you are showing that you value them and want them to understand exactly how your product can make their lives easier / better etc. It's fast effective and consumer memorable. 

This is how you beat your competitors.

What next

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