Experiential Marketing


Bring your brand to life and interact directly with the audience in real time

Since its launch in August 2017, our Experiential platform has been a huge success – from experiential events like Ikea’s waiting room takeover at Exeter station and Netflix’s holographic installation, to Fuze Tea’s hidden camera stunt featuring Joanna Lumley. As a top experiential marketing agency been effectively supporting brands to deliver engaging experiential campaigns and have been growing since our launch. 

Our Experiential offering now boasts over 550 experiential spaces across 40 UK cities and towns, and this will be growing in 2019.

No other marketing channel provides brands with the opportunity to truly engage with audiences. Using our pioneering research and measurement strategy work.shop.play, we can understand our urban audience’s attitudes and behaviours. This information leads us to insights that help us create enjoyable and sharable experiences that engage with the right people, in the right places, at the right time.

The power of brand experience – scaled, simplified, realised

We’re committed to delivering the very best in shareable and memorable branding experiences by understanding audiences’ behaviours and mindsets as they move through their everyday life - maximising the effectiveness of our clients’ experiences.

Exterion Live operates in a number of key locations across the UK

We’re different


Our online portal allows you to search and book Experiential site spaces without the need to provide multiple applications for each location – the portal does that for you.

Market-leading data & insight

Our award-winning data and insight tools allow us to ensure highly-effective campaign planning.

Exclusive opportunities

We offer exclusive opportunities for brands to broaden their campaign’s potential, including station takeovers, installations, on-board activations (train, tram and Bus) and bespoke digital screens – ensuring ideal placement alongside your Experiential campaign.

End-to-end service

We can also support with a variety of Experiential marketing services:

Exterion Live offer an end-to-end service

Out-of-Home integration

By integrating Experiential marketing with our digital products (including DX48s, D12s and Canary Wharf) we can engage audiences at scale, driving participation and amplifying the experience.

Click the image below to view a gallery of hand-picked experiential campaigns.

Exterion Live have worked with a number of clients to bring campaigns to life

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