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Advertising in Yorkshire

Why use Global in York?

Global is a market leader for outdoor advertising in York and is responsible for: 


  • Bus advertising
  • Roadside Billboards - large and small formats 


  • Phone Kiosks 

Your target audience 

  • With a fleet of over 100 buses in York, Global provides businesses with the ability to amplify their brand across the city.
  • Buses travel on average 700 miles a week, acting as a moving noticeboard for the community. What's more you'll never get any waste because buses go where people go.
  • Bus provides you with unparalleled coverage, with 74% of York residents travelling by bus and 56% seeing bus advertising on a weekly basis.
  • By comparison only 30% read a regional daily paper and only 10% read a local weekly paper (Source:TGI).

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Your local York Audience

With a population of over 200,000, York is growing. In the next 3 years it’s expected to have grown by 3.7%. Despite this growth York has a low percentage of unemployment, with residents being 23% less likely to be unemployed than the UK average. 

This alone is an indicator that York’s economy is flourishing, along with stats showing that York’s residents are 22% more likely to be in the AB social class, and residents having a larger disposable income with a higher percentage earning between £40,000 and £99,999 per household (Source: Experian Location Analyst).

York is home to both the University of York and York St John University, which contributes largely to the city’s young population (over indexing on ages 15-34). With a young population, you find a higher rate of smartphone and tablet ownership leading to a more connected community (Source: TGI). 

They are early adopters of technology and the first to try out new products and services.

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