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24/7 Visible Billboard Advertising in Leeds

How to advertise more effectively locally in Leeds

You see it everywhere, on your commute to work, walking around the city centre, whilst you’re shopping, in supermarkets and airports. Out of home advertising reaches you at the most important parts of your journey throughout the day. 

For people commuting to work, walking around the city, shopping, visiting the supermarket or at the airport - coming across a billboard advert is almost unavoidable!

It remains to be one of the most effective mediums of how brands reach and connect to a wider audience. Unlike online or television advertisements, billboard advertising is always on – day or night. You can’t keep scrolling, switch it off or turn the page. 

That’s why it’s so effective at reaching over 90% of the public.

Running a campaign with us can help you increase:

●        Brand awareness

●        Brand relevance

●        Brand fame

This means that even after your billboard advertisement cycle ends with us that your business continues to grow as we concentrate on achieving a level of brand fame for your business. We achieve this by specifically targeting the right audience, in the right location at the right time that makes your brand relevant to them.

It’s these three elements that separate small companies from large businesses. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that brands who are massively relevant are ones that consistently engage with their customers through varied mediums of communication.

How to reach a specific audience

From years of experience, Global understands how to create an effective campaign that builds brand fame and awareness for businesses in Leeds.

We are experts in ensuring that we connect you to the demographic of your choice through large traditional billboard advertisements and digital displays.

It is our mission to enhance the experience of individuals walking and travelling around the city of Leeds and beyond – we do this via our 7,500 billboard advertisement slots that guarantee your ad never gets lost.

Global can provide you with thousands of locations to place your billboard advertisement. We can ensure maximum visibility so that you can deliver an effective and successful campaign.

Visibility and location of your billboard

If you don’t know where your audience is – we do.

Location matters when it comes to placing your billboard, whether it is static or digital – the area needs to make sense to the ad to the campaign you’re planning to run.

To truly achieve a successful campaign that provides a return on investment you need to carefully consider the location and placement of your billboard advertisement. 

Busy roads are great locations – but what busy road? It needs to make sense to the campaign you are planning to run and the audience you are hoping to engage.

Some prime locations in Leeds our billboard advertisements are located:

●        Chapeltown Road

●        Hunslet Road

●        Hurley House

●        Meadow Rd

Who are you advertising to?

Location matters when it comes to placing your billboard, whether it is static or digital – the area needs to make sense to the ad and  the campaign you’re planning to run.

Therefore, it’s crucial to know your customer and who your product is aimed at. For example, if your product is aimed at students or teenagers you want to target High Streets with Inlinks shopping malls and high streets.

On the other hand, if you are looking to target parents you want to select advertisement sites alongside busy roads that follow them on their school run route.

Our experts are fully experienced in understanding any type of customer and the best areas in which we can capture their attention.

We don’t just place billboard advertisements anywhere in Leeds.

Simply tell us about your goals – which demographic and audience you’re looking to target and the results you want to achieve. We use advanced techniques to map out the optimal areas that will be the most impactful in reaching the audience you want to convert into customers.

What type of billboard advertising is best for your business?

The average consumer sees more than 50 outdoor ads a day.


48-96 sheets

Looking to make a big impression? Billboard advertising helps brands deliver their message to a wider audience in seconds.

Digital screens

Large & small

Bring your brand to life in kiosks, large and small billboards – all of our screens in Leeds are placed within walking distance to all shopping centres, stores and retailers. This premium service influences the population’s spend through many flexible and creative channels.

The effectiveness of billboard advertising

Depending on the advertiser, their goals and their success metrics we are able to put together a bespoke service to track and monitor the campaigns you run with us. Case studies from past clients have seen our billboard advertisements increase:

●        Sales

●        Footfall

●        Social followers

●        Leads

●        Phone and web inquiries

●        Online traffic

Looking to discuss outdoor advertising in your local area or need some advice? Interested in hearing more? Call 0800 80 85 619.

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