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Global is the market leader in Outdoor Advertising on transport networks throughout Yorkshire. The region is home to 5.3 million people and several of the UK’s key cities: Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Hull and York. 

"We offer keener prices with complete, accurate audience data that can noticeably improve your ROI. "

How? It is because only Global have the contracts with bus operators to sell their media space. Part and parcel of selling this space is access to data which includes the bus routes are the most popular, which bus routes go through which demographic area that matches your target market etc.

1.8 million people in the North East have seen Bus advertising in the past week

If we are not your Outdoor advertising partner then we should be. Global is 100% responsible for media opportunities on:-

  • 95% of the bus network
  • 97% of National Rail stations
  • 100% Sheffield Supertram network

Reach as many local people as possible 

We have a dedicated team based in Yorkshire, with in-depth knowledge of how you can reach your local consumers with our media. We will even help put your advert together, with our free design service.

"Global is a leading Out-of-Home media owner in the UK. We enable brands to engage our valuable urban audiences on the move through our unrivalled use of data and insight – putting the right content in front of the right people, at the right time."

Simply call 0800 80 85 619 , use our online chat function or fill in the contact form on the right to speak to a Local Account Manager.

Demographics of the urban audience

"Our customers always talk about how they see our adverts on Buses"
Advertising with Global on local buses, trains and trams will expose your business to more people than your local newspapers and commercial radio stations combined!

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  • Why use Bus advertising in Yorkshire?

    Advertising in Yorkshire

    1.8 million people in the North East have seen Bus advertising in the past week

    Did you know?
    • The average Bus covers over 700 miles every week, advertising your message to new audiences every day as they make their way around their routes.
    • 86% of people can recall a Bus advert they’ve seen.
    It’s not just those people on the outside being exposed to Bus advertising. There are a staggering 207 million passenger journeys in the North East every year, with 76% of people thinking Buses are a big part of the community.
    So if you want to be big, be bold and be seen then Bus is right up your street!

    How It Can Work For Your Business

    Ackbar’s Restaurant – Testimonial

    Bus advertising case study in leeds

    “Every time we run adverts on Buses, there are more calls to the restaurant and more people booking tables. Our customers always talk about how they see our adverts on Buses and they talk to their friends and family about what a good time they had at Akbar’s. When we run a campaign I see old faces coming back. They may have forgotten about us but when they see the advert on the Bus they remember to come back.”

    Shabir Hussain, Proprietor, Akbar’s

    Call 0800 808 5619 today and find out more on how OOH advertising can drive your business forward.

  • Rail advertising in yorkshire

    49 million passenger journeys were made last year across Northern Rail and TransPennine Express stations in Yorkshire

    The average traveller spends 7 minutes waiting for a train and 13 minutes travelling looking at advertising. National Rail advertising is ideal for call to action campaigns as potential customers have the time to absorb the details of your advert and even dial a number or access a website as they wait. Research shows that the longer consumers spend looking at adverts, the more likely they are to remember and act on them.
  • Advertising on Sheffield Supertram

    15.5 million Metro passenger journeys made a year

    With 15.5 million passenger journeys on the network each year, Sheffield Supertram is essential to the everyday life of Sheffield’s consumers. The network covers 29 kilometres and links five park and ride sites with the busy city centre and gives easy access to the rail station, shopping areas, both of Sheffield’s prestigious universities, the Cathedral, sports arenas and many new popular entertainment venues.

    The Supertram gives advertisers the opportunity to talk to local consumers in a captive environment as they make and wait for their journeys. Advertising on this local icon can create a very special connection with consumers, ensuring that your business is seen and remembered on a daily basis.

    Call 0800 808 5619 today and find out more on how OOH advertising can drive your business forward.

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