Billboard adverting in Newport

Billboard advertising in  Newport

Newport Billboard advertising

Global is uniquely positioned in the market today as the largest billboard advertising supplier throughout the UK. We help business owners and marketing managers in Newport scale their business at large by connecting them with the right audiences, at the right time.

Allowing all businesses no matter how big or small to achieve brand fame.

Leaders in the future of media, we have set the standard of achieving optimised and impactful results for clients who choose our billboard advertisements over other mediums of communication.

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The perfect large reach format to drive brand awareness

With more than 7,500 billboard locations positioned in exclusive, prime spots, Global has the power to offer SMEs the chance to get their business heard amongst all the noise.

We can reach wide audiences, wherever you wish to target them, whether it's on roadsides construction sites or other high-trafficked locations, we’re here to help.

Immediately available and exclusive locations close to Newport 

But, how much do billboard advertisements cost?

Billboard advertisements have never been in such high demand.

Being the largest billboard agency in the country, we can offer maximum visibility for your business that’s cost-effective and impactful.

Did you know that you can rent a billboard for as little as £100 a week? Unbeknown to some, billboard advertising is one of the most affordable means of advertising available today.

We know where your target demographic is

Here at Global, we use KPIs, analytics and metrics to measure the effectiveness of a campaign as well as to pinpoint your audience choice.

Billboard advertisements are impactful because they cannot be ignored. Often the go-to choice for advertisers looking to capture local audiences, billboard advertisements in Newport is known to increase foot-fall and promote brand awareness, fame and relevance.

Even if you don’t know who your audience is, we do. We’ll help you track them down, whether you have a national campaign in mind or a more locally targeted one.

Marketing campaigns that achieve the best results

To boost brand interactions and awareness for a sporting event, Global executed total local domination. Using a multi-format advertising campaign throughout Cardiff Central railway station, the brand was able to achieve a 35% increase to the event.

View more successful campaigns in Wales here.

Classic and proven billboards

Types of billboards immediately available in  Newport:

Paper billboards vs digital displays

When deciding to choose between a dynamic digital display or a bold static billboard, marketing managers and business owners tend to get dazzled by state-of-the-art digital screens.

Whilst this form of advertising is effective, opting for a paper billboard will save you money and increase your reach. This is because paper billboard advertisements in Newport cannot be turned off. They are visible 24/7.

This gives a business a better opportunity to stand out from the crowd and be heard.

The digital market is a saturated one, whereas with paper billboards you can guarantee that you will not have to compete for space to see, increasing your chances to convert customers and achieve a better return-on-investment.

Traditional billboards are less competitive

With many businesses and SMEs moving their marketing spend to digital, this has reduced the amount of competition for billboard advertisements in key local locations.

Now, more than ever, billboard advertisements are easily accessible and affordable for start-ups and SMEs without huge marketing budgets.

The main advantage is that you can now have an advert in a prominent high-trafficked position that is seen by millions every week, which in turn increases the reach of your brand’s message.

Why not digital displays?

Whilst digital displays can engage with consumers better with impressive dynamic screens, the downside is that your slot is not static. This means you will have only ten seconds of air time each minute, which means you might miss customers through the duration.

Digital billboard advertisements require businesses to share the space, which means you share the reach and are not exclusively marketed to an audience at true scale.

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