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Cardiff Bus Advertising with Global

Why use Global in Cardiff?

Global can provide your business with an advertising platform across 220 bus lines in and around Cardiff. Over 30,000 people travel through the Cardiff Central railway station daily, a great advertising opportunity for your business.

How Can Global Maximise Your Advertising Potential in Cardiff?

At Global, we take great pride with our innovative advertising solutions and opportunities for all businesses. We have invested in dedicated teams to focus on our creative solutions, allowing us to discover and utilise new ways to reach and expand your Welsh audience. Swansea or Newport.

We provide effective and eye-catching coverage across the majority of Cardiff, these cover 




  • Cinema 
  • InLink 

If you’re interested in advertising with Global, contact us today on 0800 80 85 619. We have been responsible for nationwide campaigns to support local businesses. Our prices are tailored for your budgets and aims for your advertising campaign.

You can also get in touch with us and find out more about our services by filling out an online form. We will aim to get back to you as soon as possible and provide solutions for your advertising needs in the Cardiff area.

For case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of outdoor advertising in Wales - click here

A Fantastic Opportunity in the Capital of Wales

Cardiff is the capital city and central hub for Wales. It’s the biggest city in the country, in terms of its economic size and population.

The Cardiff Bay, Principality stadium and the Cardiff Castle are just some of its popular attractions that bring in 19m tourists yearly.

Find out how Global helped Heineken in Cardiff.

We know your local audience

Global is committed to helping your brand grow in the Cardiff area. Our advertising opportunities extensively cover Cardiff’s bus and rail network. Meet your audience today.

Cardiff Audience

Cardiff is a young, vibrant scene with a population of over 73,000 represented in the 20-29 age brackets, with a further 48,000 in the 30-39 brackets. This represents the top two age distribution categories in the city. More.

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Advertising on buses in Cardiff.

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