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Connect with Portsmouth through Bus Advertising

Global can provide you with a dependable, effective platform that can establish your business across Portsmouth. We deliver a range of innovative, eye-catching and engaging bus advertising campaigns for commuters across the historic, waterfront city.

By partnering with one of Europe’s leading outdoor media companies, you’ll be given exclusive, unrivalled access to a number of our bus partners across Portsmouth and the South East. We’re highly experienced in providing businesses with bus advertising campaigns and we take great pride in doing so. Browse our gallery.

  • 53% have seen Bus advertising in the past week
  • 85% of Portsmouth audience have not read a regional daily newspaper in the past year
  • 6% of Portsmouth audience are frequent radio listeners 

(Sources:  TGI)

Global understands the importance of delivering effective outdoor advertising campaigns that can help connect your business with new consumers. We’re always investing and developing new technologies that enable us to offer engaging and captivating outdoor advertising opportunities. Understand how we plan campaigns through our branded case studies.

Bus Advertising in Portsmouth with Global

Global has a fantastic partnership with First Hampshire & Dorset, who has a fleet size of over 360 buses that travel through Portsmouth, Fareham and Gosport daily. We also offer bus advertising opportunities with Stagecoach, expanding your business reach into Chichester, Guildford and Surrey. Our bus advertising partners.

Our creative teams can help design engaging bus advertising campaigns and with our partnerships with First Hampshire & Dorset and Stagecoach, we can really push our creative limits. Discover experiential marketing.

  • Streetliner. A popular advertising space that covers the side of a single-deck bus that faces pedestrians at street level.
  • T-Side. Our T-Side design is a space allocated in a T-shape against the side of the bus.
  • Mega T-Side. Similar to the T-Side design, the Mega T-Side covers more space on the bus.
  • Bus Rear. Eye-capturing advertising space on the back of the bus designed to capture the attention of drivers and passengers behind the bus.
  • Mega Bus Rear. Mega Bus Rear covers the entire back of a bus, granting your ad more coverage from passing vehicles.
  • Full Wrapped. Full Wrapped allows us to fully cover the bus with your advertising campaign.

With our visualise tool, you can truly understand how we can design captivating bus advertising campaigns for your business that will connect with Portsmouth. 

Global takes great pride in delivering effective bus advertising campaigns in Portsmouth. We have helped connect businesses in a number of industries with new consumers. Contact us today on 0800 80 85 619 to speak to one of our advisors. Alternatively, you can send us an enquiry form and we’ll aim to get to you in the next working day.  

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