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Effective Billboard Advertising in Brighton

Global is one of the leading marketing and advertising billboard agencies in the UK. Spanning over 7,500+ locations, we are able to provide local Brighton businesses with advertising solutions that will accelerate their business growth.

Our dedicated team of expert marketing advisors sell more than just billboard advertisements, we build and grow businesses. We work with our clients to achieve a campaign that compliments their strategy plan for the year and delivers a rewarding return on investment.

How to be a famous B2B brand

Here at Global, we truly care about connecting you to the right audience. Therefore, we carefully design our campaigns to create brand fame using techniques to help their billboard advertisement outperform competitors across all business metrics.

Brand awareness

Professional marketers know the importance of brand awareness and how it can be used to accelerate your business. Without it, your consumers would be unaware of a new product launch, release or service

Brand awareness can make all the difference when consumers come to make purchasing decisions between your product and competitors. It can lead to more leads, repeat customers and an increase in market shares.

Brand fame

There are three factors that contribute to creating a successful campaign. Typically referred to as the “3 Fs”, fame, fluency and feeling all come together to increase the growth of your brand.

Brand fame describes businesses that are memorable. It’s important for your local business because consumers are likely to purchase your product or services if they remember you.

Here at Global, we are able to create this essential brand fame for you in Brighton and we do this via many channels of communications to ensure you get maximum exposure.

Brand relevance

This is probably one of the most difficult elements to achieve and maintain. In today’s market, staying relevant is increasingly difficult. New brands and trendy pop ups capture our attention from every angle – what trending last week is not today’s news. So, how do you build and maintain brand relevance and become part of the consumer’s daily life?

Here at Global, we have the marketing strategies readily available to make sure your brand engages surprises and connects. We’ll push your brand to consistently re-earn customer’s loyalty and trust by providing you with the exposure that will allow you to actively connect to your audience.

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Billboard advertising costs in Brighton

There is no ready, direct quote we can give you without understanding the purpose of your billboard advertisement. There are a number of various factors that can affect the cost of billboard advertising not only in Brighton, but nationwide.

With over 7,500 advertisement slots nationwide, our expert marketing team have secured some of the best locations across the country and in Brighton that provide your business with a great return, high footfall and brand fame for great value for money.

This affordability factor means that billboard advertising is realistic and accessible for companies looking to advertise their services locally with an impactful marketing campaign. We work with all businesses from big to small and are experienced in working with varied sizes of marketing budgets to ensure a great return on investment from our clients.

The amount of sites we own means that we are able to offer our services at an affordable price that allow smaller companies and businesses to take advantage of our iconic billboards which are located in bus stops, cinemas, shopping centres, phone boxes and by convenient stores (6 sheets), as well as our larger formats alongside busy roads and city centres (48-96 sheets).

We feel it would be unprofessional of us to provide you with a quote online for our services; this is because the cost all depends on factors such as:

●        Duration of your display/cycle

●        What type of contract you are looking to enter

●        The size of your billboard advertisement or digital display

●        What audience you are looking to target and the demographics you wish to reach

●        The location and placement of your advertisement

●        Time of year

●        The format of billboard

●        Volume of advertisements you wish to run

Looking to discuss outdoor advertising in your local area or need some advice? Interested in hearing more? Call 0800 80 85 619.

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