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Bus advertising in Brighton

Let Global Grow Your Business Reach in Brighton

Grow your business in Brighton through the power of Road and Rail advertising. Global is one of Europe’s largest outdoor advertising companies. We’re here to provide your business with the right platform that enables you to reach new consumers in and around Brighton.

In Brighton, Global is responsible for;



  • Train Advertising. Global provides extensive train advertising coverage across the UK’s national rail networks. We offer a range of train advertising opportunities and with over 41% of the rail covered exclusively by us, your business can access the commuting urban audience. Find out more about train advertising.
  • Experiential Marketing. At Global, we offer exciting advertising opportunities that will truly allow you to truly engage with your target audiences. We’ve proudly produced memorable campaigns that will leave a lasting impact with your audience. Discover the power of experiential marketing.

  • Cinema 
  • InLink

Global is here to help grow your business and get your brand in front of key urban audiences. Tap into markets across Brighton with our bus advertising opportunities today. Global is here to bring your brand identity to life and establish our business. Browse our branded case studies.

Bus advertising in Brighton

Connect Your Brand with a Vibrant 18-34 Demographic

Brighton has a unique, youthful population which over 62% of its population sees some form of bus advertising of brands, products and services. Global can give your brand the perfect opportunity to reach this dynamic demographic.

The town is a top commuting area with an extensive bus network that supports over 280,000 with routes that can expand your brands reach to other areas such as Eastbourne and Hastings. The 21,000 university student population are more likely to use a bus to get around the town and campuses too.

Brighton has a youthful, vibrant and unique culture. Over 39% of its population is aged between 18-34, which is a key demographic for attracting new markets to your products, services and improving your brand awareness. Browse previous marketing campaigns.

At Global, we can help identify the right market and audience for your business. Our insight & data gives us an invaluable perspective of advertising and how outdoor advertising is more effective than traditional radio and newspaper adverts.

We Know Your Local Audience

Global understands the importance of growing your business through outdoor advertising. We offer a range of advertising opportunities that are designed for companies of all sizes and budgets. See our products.

Advertising with Global delivers far wider coverage than Press and enables businesses to engage the urban audience on the move.

  • 62% have seen Bus advertising in the past week – They’re everywhere!
  • Only 21% read The Argus 

(Sources: TGI)

The youthful city with 37% of their population aged 15-34 years has a fashionable but funky culture. Residents are economically driven with 47% of the population in employment and 53% with home ownership; illustrating they are financially stable. Find out more.
(Sources: Experian, TGI)

If you have any further questions about bus advertising or train advertising in Brighton, contact Global on 0800 80 85 619. You can also contact a member of our team by filling out an online form or getting in touch with the live chat option at the bottom of your screen.

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