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Global is the market leader in outdoor advertising on transport networks throughout Scotland. We have a dedicated team based in Edinburgh & Glasgow, with in-depth knowledge of how you can reach your local audience. We will even help you put your advert together using our complimentary design service.

Why advertise to ScotRail passengers?

Younger, early adopters and hyper-connected

  • 58% of ScotRail passengers are aged 16-44 compared to the national average of 36% making them more likely to be early adopters of technology, and to connect and share with friends online while travelling. 
  • Scotrail provides free Wi-Fi on all of its trains increasing the chance of immediate direct response to advertising. The combination of Wi-Fi availability, widespread smartphone use, and train advertising driving commuters online has turned travellers into ‘connected commuters’ capable of interacting with brands and services immediately after exposure to adverts. 
  • Nearly half of commuters recall searching online for a brand or product they’d seen advertised on a train, 45% of whom carried out the search before departing the train! This drives direct response, increasing website traffic and unique users. 


  • ScotRail users are more likely to be in full time employment with 50% of users in full time work compared to the national average of 36%, signifying a larger disposable income to spend on products and services. Of these workers, 28% travel to work every day by rail meaning that your brand is seen by a valuable audience with cash to splash.

Increased recall and direct response

  • The average traveller spends 7 minutes waiting for a train and 13 minutes travelling providing them with prolonged exposure to advertising. Additionally 59% of ScotRail users purchase their ticket in the station guaranteeing more time to view in-station campaigns. The longer consumers spend looking at adverts, the more likely they are to remember and act on them.

Repeated exposure

  • 65% of ScotRail users return the same day doubling their exposure to each campaign. 53% use ScotRail every fortnight, suggesting they are capable of catching every campaign. While 41% use ScotRail at least once a week, and over a quarter use it over 3 times a week. This frequent usage and repeated exposure to advertisements leads to higher recall of and response to campaigns.

Why use National Rail advertising?

  • 5.3 million passenger journeys are made across ScotRail stations a month giving advertisers and their brands a huge audience to talk to
  • 40% of the Scottish population have used the ScotRail stations 
  • 700,000 Scots have seen railway advertisements in the last week
  • 36% of rail users recall being influenced by an ad they’ve seen on a train
Click here for case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of outdoor advertising in Scotland.

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