Advertising in Glasgow

Why use Global in Glasgow?

Global has an exciting portfolio in Glasgow which provides businesses with unparalleled coverage in the city reaching 62% of the population weekly. Choose from;


  • Bus advertising: With around 622 First buses based in Glasgow, Global provides you with the opportunity to reach the heart of the community on a vast scale
  • Roadside Billboards - large, premium and small formats 



  • InLink 

Advertising with Global delivers far wider coverage than press and enables businesses to engage with urban audiences on the move.

  • 60% of Glasgow population regularly travel by Bus!
  • 370,000 in Glasgow have seen bus advertising this week- They’re everywhere!
  • 45% of Glasgow residents regularly travel by rail, and those who do are nearly 20% more likely to be ABC1- It’s your ticket to a First Class Audience!
  • Only 25% of the Glasgow audience read a regional daily paper! (Source:TGI)

Bus Advertising in Glasgow

How it can work for your business

If you’re looking for direct response, Bus and Rail advertising can communicate your message to a large and valuable audience quickly and cost effectively.

No matter how people see the advertising - either on the inside or the outside of a Bus, as a passenger by Rail, RAF Reserves were keen to target an active audience so thought the best way would be to reach them whilst they were outdoors.

  • 70% of applicants had seen the campaign on their local Buses or at a Railway station.

Drew Kirk, Recruitment Manager at RAF Reserves: “I have used Global successfully before and Bus and Rail can provide a high impact, visual reminder of other media campaigns, particularly Radio, making the overall campaign more memorable. If you want to be seen - this is the way to do it!”

With a population of over 600,000, Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and the fourth largest in the UK (Source: Experian). Glasgow offers a blend of internationally-acclaimed museums and galleries, stunning architecture, vibrant nightlife, fantastic shopping and a diverse array of restaurants and bars (Source: Visit Scotland). 

Boasting the UK's largest retail phalanx outside London, Glasgow is a shopaholic's paradise. The 'Style Mile' around Buchanan St, Argyle St and Merchant City is a fashion hub, while the West End has quirkier, more bohemian shopping options (Source: Lonely Planet).

Glasgow Audience

Known as the best shopping experience outside of London, and having the second largest retail area in the UK, Glasgow attracts shoppers from across the UK, as a result a large proportion of those in Glasgow are shoppers looking to splash their cash. 

Glasgow has an extremely young population with 41% of its population aged 15-34. This is largely due to its strong student population with four Universities in a 10 mile radius of the city centre, and three higher education colleges, making Glasgow a major centre of education and academic research.  The younger demographic make a very desirable audience, being early adopters of technology and more open to trying new products and services.

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Click here for case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of outdoor advertising in Scotland.

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