Edinburgh Billboard Advertising

Affordable Billboard Advertising in Edinburgh

Locals to Edinburgh are exposed to billboard advertising more than any other media form. This is because out-of-home advertising is more prevalent throughout their everyday lives.

Billboard advertisements are present in their 24/7 meaning it has the biggest reaches of consumers than any other existing media outlet.

Global are dedicated to providing:

  • Heightened brand fame
  • Brand relevance
  • Maximum brand awareness and exposure

We understand demographics unlike anyone else – with thousands of advertisement sites in Edinburgh, we’ll ensure your billboard advertisements receive maximum awareness to the right demographics.

Our local clientele has seen much success from this as they receive the desired exposure to their launches and releases, increasing their brand fame and keeping their business relevant to their customers’ everyday lives.

Global’s city, transport and retail channels of communication have the ability to reach a wide and diverse audience through vibrant and dynamic displays and billboard advertisements.

The effects that our campaigns provide in the heart of Edinburgh mean that we are successful in delivering brand fame, awareness and engagement that provides a valuable return on investment for our clients.

Whether you’re looking to reach people during their commute, lunch breaks, at the supermarket or shopping on the high street, OOH outdoor advertising options are able to reach to the people of Edinburgh throughout any stage of their day, every day.

Outdoor advertising options for local businesses in Edinburgh

Global works with advertising agencies, SMEs and large companies.

Small businesses looking to reach a local clientele will be happy to hear that we provide affordable billboard advertising options such as posters at train stations, bus stations, shopping malls, cinemas and phone boxes.

High-trafficked & footfall areas on our patch include:

  • Waverley Mall, Ocean Terminal, Gyle Shopping Centre
  • Edinburgh Waverley, Edinburgh Gateway, Edinburgh Park
  • Edinburgh City Bypass, Sheriffhall roundabout, Calder Road
  • Edinburgh City Centre, Calder Road and Salamander Street More.

These have all proven effective ways to expand and improve brand awareness and fame as they target and reach the locals you want to convert into customers.

Are you missing out on customers?

Local services like plumbers, builders can advertise at a nearby bus stop, where consumers on their way home are thinking about their utilities and what needs to be done. Or, a taxi service could place an advertisement at a train station in Edinburgh and capture that audience, who are looking for services to run into the city.

These opportunities mean that local businesses can highlight their services at exactly the time the consumer needs to use them. Our billboard advertisements are positioned very carefully throughout Edinburgh to help SME’s capitalise on the opportunities. We will get your business where it needs to be, at the correct times, in front of the right eye balls.

Suggestions for billboard advertising in Edinburgh

●        Make sure your message is clear and concise (try to use as less words as possible – eight is a good number to stick to)

●        Use a picture that involves a person – eyes capture people’s attention

●        Keep it light – the best response to billboard advertisements is when they include humour

●        Try and not be over creative – if you’re a builder just list your services with clear contact information that is presented professionally

●        To raise awareness placing varied advertisements on different prime sites is recommended for maximum reach and exposure

●        To raise conversions be more tactical and focus on a couple of well-positioned billboard advertisements

●        Consider where your audience spend most of their time – transport advertising can have strong results because people tend to spend longer sitting here than any other areas

Benefits and effectiveness of billboard advertising in Edinburgh

Visible 24/7

Traditional billboards are one of the most recommended forms of advertisements that advertisers opt for. This is because they can be eye-catching and reach a larger, more specific audience in Edinburgh.

More importantly, they are visible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Digital displays may be growing more popular; however, they do not provide full coverage and exposure for your business alone. Therefore, traditional billboards have become less competitive and can provide a more effective service at a cheaper price.

Cost effective

Often, most small businesses are put off by billboard advertising because they think it is too expensive. However, here at Global, we know that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Billboard advertising is extremely affordable for SMEs. The last 50 quotations we provided for potential clients have all been less than TV and online advertising.

Outdoor advertising and billboards can be one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising that exist today – even when they’re positioned in top locations that have high levels of foot traffic.

Maximum reach

By adopting billboard advertising, you will be able to target core consumer segments and expand your local reach, as well as optimising your campaigns for success and keeping your marketing budget low in the process.

Billboard advertisements have become the perfect channel for smaller businesses to compete with the larger firms with greater budgets so that they can stand out from the crowd and grow their company.

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