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Out of Home advertising reaches 98 per cent of the UK population every week

What does Global do for SME advertising in Edinburgh?

Global are an industry-leading advertising agency and specialise in outdoor media. Call 0800 80 85 619 to speak to an account manager for example prices and campaign strategies.

Global has an exciting portfolio in Edinburgh which provides businesses with unparalleled coverage in the city reaching 76% of the population weekly. Choose from:


  • Bus advertising - With over 700 buses based in Edinburgh, Global provides you with the opportunity to reach the heart of the community on a vast scale.
  • Roadside Billboards - large, premium and small formats 


  • Rail advertising: Global provides you with the opportunity to advertise on a variety of ScotRail formats at 5 railway stations within Edinburgh, and more surrounding the area allowing you to catch those commuting in and out of the city as well as Edinburgh’s residents.
  • Experiential Marketing: Check out our Experiential sites in Edinburgh and across the UK - read more about Global Live 


  • Cinema 
  • InLink 

Advertising with Global delivers far wider coverage than press and enables businesses to engage with urban audiences on the move.

  • 68% of Edinburgh’s residents have seen bus advertising this week- They’re everywhere!
  • 470,000 in Edinburgh regularly travel by Bus!
  • 41% of Edinburgh’s residents regularly travel by Rail, and 43% of those who do are ABC1- It’s your ticket to a First Class Audience!
  • Only 24% of the Edinburgh audience read a regional daily paper (Source:TGI)

Bus Advertising in Glasgow

What are the benefits of outdoor advertising for high growth potential businesses?

  • target your demographic in specific local areas
  • access to vast numbers of people
  • build your reputation in the area
  • an affordable option
  • great exposure for your business / brand

Don’t let your competition dominate the Capital's market!

We have worked with the following high profile clients: ASDA, BP, Sky, Vauxhall and many more.

We offer extended level engagement and increased brand awareness to people at the heart of their community by running incredibly successful out-of-home advertising campaigns on buses, trains and trams across Edinburgh and the UK.  

  • Train Advertising
  • Bus Advertising Opportunities in Edinburgh
  • Billboards & posters
  • Experiential campaigns
  • Digital LCD displays

Start your campaign

Start your campaign today with prices lower than you would think. 

Simply call 0800 80 85 619 , use our online chat function or fill in the contact form on the right to speak to our sales team.

Museum of Scotland

Your Edinburgh | Your Audience

The capital is the fastest growing city in Scotland with a population of over half a million people. Edinburgh has the highest employment rates of Scotland meaning a high proportion of the population are ABC1 consumers.

Do you have a young target demographic? The Scottish city’s 6 universities bring in 40,000 students.

24% of the population are in the 16 - 29 age bracket and 23% are aged 30 - 44 (Source: NRS).

This is great news for businesses focussed on selling to younger people! There are over 125,000 people aged 16 – 29 in the city. The combination of a young population and high employment means that there is huge potential for new customers in the city.

Convert your audience to paying customers with Global advertising solutions.

Simply call 0800 80 85 619 , use our online chat function or fill in the contact form on the right to speak to our sales team.

Our experts know exactly where to place your ads to geo-target your specific demographic.

We will get your brand seen by as many potential customers as possible. Have a look at some of our previous work in Scotland.

Edinburgh is one of the Top 10 largest cities in the UK

Edinburgh is the 2nd largest city in Scotland after Glasgow. The city covers more than 264 km² comprised of the city centre and the surrounding suburbs.

Transport for Edinburgh’s transport links connect the whole city with an integrated network of buses, trams and trains meaning that your adverts can reach every corner of the city and be seen by hundreds of thousands of people.

As well as the residential population, Edinburgh attracts over 4 million visitors a year from across Scotland, the UK and the world meaning that bus ads can reach local, regional and national audiences.

Running an outdoor advertising campaign is straightforward and easy to do

Read our guide to buying outdoor advertising from Global – click here.

Click here for case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of outdoor advertising in Scotland.

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