Advertising in Aberdeen

Why use Global in Aberdeen?

Global has an exciting portfolio in Aberdeen which provides business with unparalleled coverage in the city reaching 56% of the population weekly.

Choose from;


  • Bus advertising - With around 250 buses based in Aberdeen, Global provides you with the opportunity to reach the heart of the community on a vast scale. 
  • Roadside Billboards - Large, premium and small formats 


  • Rail advertising: Global provides you with the opportunity to advertise on a variety of ScotRail formats with one Major Train station in Aberdeen and all the surrounding stations including Dyce the nearest station to the Airport, all these stations allow you to catch those commuting into Aberdeen, for more information on ScotRail's unique audience click here


  • Airports - Aberdeen Airports advertising 
  • Cinema 
  • InLinks 

Advertising with Global delivers far wider coverage than press and enables business to engage with urban audiences on the move. 

  • 55% of Aberdeen’s residents have seen bus advertising this week – They’re everywhere!
  • 54% in Aberdeen regularly travel by Bus!
  • 30% of Aberdeen’s residents regularly travel by Rail, and those who do are 34% more likely to be ABC1 – It’s your ticket to a First Class Audience!
  • Only 16% of Aberdeen audience read a regional daily main paper (source: TGI)

Aberdeen is located in North East Scotland and is the country's third largest city with a population of over 220,000 people. Aberdeen is an ancient settlement and people have lived in the area for over 8000 years (Source: Visit Aberdeen 2016).

Aberdeen is an extremely affluent city with 60% of residents being ABC1 and has very low unemployment; as a result residents have a greater disposable income to enjoy the finer things of life (Source: TGI) 

Aberdeen is a city that is thriving with young adults with a high prevalence of 15-24 year olds. These age groups are early adopters of technology and are the first to try out new products and services. 

Moreover they’re hyper connected, sharing content and opinions at the touch of a button making them excellent brand ambassadors, and respondents to creative campaign. This is partially due to its student population from the two Universities located in Aberdeen, with the University of Aberdeen being ranked in the top 200 universities in the world.

Click here for case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of outdoor advertising in Scotland.

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