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Advertise with Global and your local audience will know you 

Global is the market leader in Outdoor Advertising on transport networks throughout Scotland. 2.8 million people in Aberdeen, Dundee,  Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Stirling and other cities and towns throughout Scotland see our adverts in the heart of the community every week.

Global is responsible for media opportunities on:-

  • 95% of the bus network, including Lothian Buses, First, and Stagecoach National Express Dundee
  • 99% of National Rail stations delivering 82 million passenger rail journeys
  • 95% of all rail journeys made in Scotland

Reach as many local people as possible 

We have a dedicated team based in the Scotland, with in-depth knowledge of how you can reach your local consumers with our media. We will even help put your advert together, with our free design service.

Simply call 0800 80 85 619 , use our online chat function or fill in the contact form on the right to speak to a Local Account Manager.

Advertising with Global on local buses, trains and stations will expose your business to more people than your local newspapers and commercial radio stations combined!

For case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of outdoor advertising, click here

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  • Bus advertising in scotland

    Why use Bus advertising in Scotland?

    2.8 million people in Scotland have seen Bus advertising in the past week

    Did you know?
    • The average Bus covers over 700 miles every week, advertising your message to new audiences every day as they make their way around their routes.
    • 86% of people can recall a Bus advert they’ve seen.
    • There are 350 buses travelling down Prices Street in Edinburgh every hour – they’re everywhere!

    It’s not just those people on the outside being exposed to Bus advertising. There are a staggering 22.5 million passenger journeys in Scotland each month. 

    So if you want to be big, be bold and be seen then Bus is right up your street!

    How It Can Work For Your Business

    Carpet Shed – Testimonial

    “Lots of my customers have seen my ads on the buses and are aware of our brand, meaning they talk about my business, not the competition. With our Bus campaign out on the streets, we see a 20% increase in sales. They are the most effective way of sending customers to my door.”

    Pat McDade, Managing Director, Carpet Shed

  • Rail advertising in Scotland

    Achieve Reach with National Rail advertising

    5.3 million National Rail passenger journeys made last month

    5.3 million passenger journeys were made last month across ScotRail stations, giving advertisers and their brands a huge audience to talk to.

    The average traveller spends 7 minutes waiting for a train and 13 minutes travelling looking at advertising. The longer consumers spend looking at adverts, the more likely they are to remember and act on them.

    How It Can Work For Your Business

    RAF advertising

    RAF Reserves – Testimonial

    RAF Reserves recent recruitment campaign had a massive response of nearly 100 enquiries, with over 50 people passing the selection process and 20 candidates eligible for positions available.

    “If you’re looking for direct response, Rail advertising can communicate your message to a large and valuable audience quickly and cost effectively. We were keen to target an active audience so thought the best way would be to reach them whilst they were Out-of-Home.”

    Drew Kirk, Recruitment Manager, RAF Reserves.

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