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High Impact Billboard Advertising in Manchester

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In an ever-evolving, modern age it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to be more creative in their approach and communications to deliver their campaign message to consumers. See billboard locations for Manchester.

It is Global’s mission to transform cityscapes and lighten people’s experience by providing energetic, vibrant billboard displays for people walking and travelling around the city of Manchester. See Greater Manchester.

Billboard advertising provides you with a new and improved form of communication to target your desired demographic. This form of advertising allows you to be more flexible and creative when transmitting your message as it allows you to better interact with your client base.

Providing an alternative method to oversaturated online ads, billboard advertising has proven effective in increasing foot traffic and brand awareness.

This is because here at Global, we focus on three important areas to grow your business:

  • Brand awareness
  • Brand relevance
  • Brand fame

The reason our clients return to us is because we continue to build on these elements to keep their business relevant amongst a saturated market by turning their brand into a household name. This process is fundamental for turning your company’s aspirations into a reality as we connect you with the right audience, at the right time.

Here at Global, we focus on the brand, because it’s the brand that sells more than the product. Think of Starbucks for example, their coffee is not the best in the world, yet they are so popular because people are consumed with their branding. We can do the exact same for you.

Location, location, location

Why advertise on billboards in Manchester?

Do you want to catch your target audience on their commute to work? Perhaps you want to catch their eye on their way home? Both our digital formats and billboards are placed in strategic locations across London to help you connect to your demographic during any stage of their day.

54% of the UK’s population live in cities and 2/3s will commute into these areas on a daily basis.

We have noticed a huge increase in demand for our services to reach the nation while  they are out and about. The products we offer our clients have been designed to work within and truly  enhance the current urban infrastructure.

Global uses an impressive and accurate customer mapping system that ensures your advert will be in front of the right audience, at the right time, in the right place.

Wherever you want to reach your customer, whether it is on busy roads, motorways, bus stops, or on the high street, Global has access to more than 7,500 high-traffic slots in prime locations nationwide.

Manchester locations include:

  • Shopping malls (Trafford Centre, Manchester Arndale, Barton Arcade)
  • Convenience Stores  
  • Manchester Airport 
  • Phoneboxes & cinemas
  • Manchester City Centre

  • Billboards - Major roads (Bury New Road, M60, Regent Road, Oldham Way, Chadderton Way, Featherstall Road)

  • Rail opportunities – Manchester Metrolink, Manchester rail stations  

Our digital screen and traditional billboard ads are placed to be on the way, and are never in the way. We design our products to carefully match the environment they live in.

If there’s one thing our many years in the industry has taught us, it’s that less is always more. That’s why we only place and own locations where your billboards will reach the greatest amount of people.

This means you can create and design impactful campaigns that increase brand awareness, engagement and drive foot traffic to your business – ensuring your marketing strategy is effective.

Types of billboard advertising:

We ensure the very best for our clients. 40% of our team are out on patch – keeping our products well-maintained, in working order and clean.

We are constantly improving are out of home products to enhance customer experience and interaction, for example recent innovations to street furniture include installing roofs to bus shelters, charging ports and Wi-Fi so that they can better engage with display ads.

6-Sheet Billboards in Manchester

74% of individuals visit their local high street in Manchester often. The reason for their visit is often for shopping purposes and recent statistics suggest that on average they spend an hour and a half in town.

Here at Global, we understood the marketing and influencing opportunities these locations presented for our client base. That’s why we seized countless billboard advertising locations in busy high streets across Manchester.

Upon further investigation, we found that 6-sheet billboards had great success at delivering messages at the right times where consumers were influenced into making purchasing choices. 

Static and live 24/7, these cost-effective adverts provided the perfect solution for SMEs to reach a niche selection of the market population in the here and now.

48-Sheet Billboards in Manchester

Tried and tested in London, the 48-sheet billboard is the ‘traditional’ form of billboard advertising. However, Global is dedicated to keeping up with the times and using the latest and newest technology to help our clients reach a wider, better engaged audience.

That’s why our 48-sheet billboards are placed in key locations across Manchester in order to capture the attention of motorists and pedestrians.

We can even use digital 48-sheet billboards to identify the best times of day to reach your desired audience. We can optimise our billboards on an hourly basis to ensure your campaign targets and performs better.

96-Sheet Billboards in Manchester

Looking for a gigantic impact? The 96-sheet billboard advertising option is the largest format of advertising we offer, which makes it near impossible for your ad to be missed or ignored.

We have seen our clients receive a large amount of exposure from these sizes, just because of their size, which has proven to create a lasting effect on motorists, pedestrians and potential customers.

Looking to discuss outdoor advertising in your local area or need some advice? Interested in hearing more? Call 0800 80 85 619.

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