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Want more local customers in Liverpool?

Cost-Effective Billboard Advertising in Liverpool

Building brand fame for businesses in Liverpool and beyond.

With over 7,500 billboards, Global is one of the biggest providers of innovative channels of communication across Liverpool, Birkenhead, Everton and surrounding towns and counties.

If you know your audience, but don’t know how to reach them, Global can help you connect your business to a wider local audience through billboard advertising.

Our reputation as a leading influencer in the marketing industry in Liverpool has seen us create and deliver successful advertising campaigns on behalf of our clients.

Global has invested in the very best advertising channels and communications that improve the way we deliver campaigns, increase brand fame and awareness as well as prominence in the marketplace.

Why choose billboard advertising in Liverpool?

Each of our products provide the latest media solutions that have enhanced the urban experience for our audience through smart displays and multi-purpose street furniture that keep people connected and up to date with the events, companies and products that make a difference to their everyday lives.

Surveys and recent stats have proven that 69% of commuters who travel to work by car take the same routes five days a week. Here, static billboards can be an effective solution to building brand fame as your ad is continuously seen by motorists and pedestrians during the busiest periods.

93% of these commuters have then agreed that they have bought goods after seeing displays and adverts presented to them on their commute home.

This is because here at Global, we use our marketing technique not just to deliver eye-catching billboard advertisements, but to enhance our client’s brand frame, brand awareness and brand relevance.

Our clients use us again and again because they know the KPIs we put in place are to ensure brand growth as well as successful campaigns. We take your business, products and services and engrain them naturally into consumer’s daily lives – making you a household name.

One billion eyeballs

Our data investments mean we are able to optimise campaigns and pinpoint audiences according to location, days of the week and times of the campaign. The reason why our client’s billboard advertisements have been so successful is because we put their displays in front of the right audiences, at the right times.

We have carefully selected the best, optimal locations in Liverpool for the placement of our billboard advertisements to be the most effective. Prime positions include busy roads, commuter routes where the trains and busses pass and outside of transport stations.

For example:

●        Liverpool Shopping Park, Metquarter, Liverpool ONE

●        Liverpool City Centre

●        Fiveways, Childwall roundabout, Brunswick roundabout

●        Liverpool airport

●        Liverpool Central, Liverpool Lime Street, James Street

●        M56, M62, M57

Billboard advertising formats:

●        6-sheets (bus shelters)

●        48-sheets (out of home, roadside advertising)

●        96-sheets (large static billboards)

●        Digital & interactive displays

Click here for product specifications and dimensions.

Paper vs Digital Billboards – which is better for your campaign?

When it comes to understanding the true cost of billboard advertising, it is important to distinguish between digital and paper advertisements.

Traditional billboards are more affordable and offer many more advantages that increase your potential return on investment. More.

They offer exclusive slots

In comparison to digital screens, traditional billboards mean you won’t be restricted to a certain ‘air time.’ Paper billboard slots can be secured for a period of months, increasing the frequency in which your ad is viewed without competition.

Paper billboards are not as competitive

Currently there is a huge surge in the amount of digital ads cropping up all over city centres across Liverpool and the UK. This rush to digital has seen less competition arise for traditional billboard placements.

This has meant that securing these spots is easier and cheaper than ever before. Static advertisements may not be as interactive as digital displays, but that does not mean they are less effective. Placed in high-traffic locations they are a great choice for spreading your campaign message to a wider audience, for half the price.

More sustainable

If your brand is trying to be eco-conscious, traditional billboards may be a better option for your business. Even though they are made out of paper, they are easy to recycle and do not require huge amounts of energy to run like digital ads.

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