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Global Knows Liverpool

Advertising is a powerful tool for growing and establishing your business. Gloabl is here to provide you with a dependable, effective platform that can increase your visibility to new consumers. This is why we can design and deliver innovative advertising campaign for commuters in Liverpool.

With Global, you’ll be partnering with one of Europe’s leading outdoor media companies. Our commitment in delivering advertising campaigns has enabled us to become experts in outdoor advertising.  We’re here to create an advertising campaign that allows you to connect with Liverpool.

We take great pride in offering advertising platforms across buses and trains in and around the North-West. Our range of expertise in outdoor advertising has given us the opportunity to work with established companies such as Sky Sports, Cadbury’s and Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice. Browse our gallery.

Establish Your Business with Bus Advertising

Global have helped deliver countless of widely-recognised and praised bus advertising campaigns. We know how important advertising is when it comes to attracting new business to your company. That is why we’re constantly investing and developing new technologies for our outdoor advertising opportunities.

  • 68% of Liverpool’s population regularly travel by Bus – They’re everywhere!
  • Over 190,000 people have seen Bus advertising in the last week – Buses go where people go!
  • Only 24% read the Liverpool Echo and 23% listen to Radio City FM each week!

(Sources: NX West Midlands, TGI, JICREG, RAJAR)

We deliver innovative and unique ways to truly captivate new consumers in the Liverpool area. Our partnerships with Arriva North West and Stagecoach Merseyside have enabled us to offer effective ways when it comes to bus advertising.

  • Streetliner. A popular advertising space that covers the side of a single-deck bus that faces pedestrians at street level.
  • T-Side. Our T-Side design is a space allocated in a T-shape against the side of the bus.
  • Mega T-Side. Similar to the T-Side design, the Mega T-Side covers more space on the bus.
  • Bus Rear. Eye-capturing advertising space on the back of the bus designed to capture the attention of drivers and passengers behind the bus.
  • Mega Bus Rear. Mega Bus Rear covers the entire back of a bus, granting your ad more coverage from passing vehicles.
  • Full Wrapped. Full Wrapped allows us to fully cover the bus with your advertising campaign.

Unsure on what your potential bus advert could look like? Check out our visualise tool and take a glimpse of how your advertising campaign can be seen by Merseyside.

When it comes to advertising, Global is a market leader for a reason. We’re here to help grow your business, whether it’s through bus advertising or through experiential marketing. Contact us today on 0800 80 85 619 to speak to one of our advisors.

Alternatively, you can send us an enquiry form and we’ll aim to get to you in the next working day. 

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