Local Billboard Advertising in Sunderland

Billboard advertising in Sunderland including prices

Effective Local Billboard Advertising in Sunderland

As one of the largest billboard advertisers throughout the UK, Global provides businesses and SMEs in Sunderland an affordable opportunity to grow their business and outrank their competitors. 

We do this by prioritising three marketing techniques when delivering your OUTDOOR billboard advertisement. They are:

  • Circulation: The number of people who will pass by your advertisement. We own over 7,500 OUTDOOR media solutions in Sunderland, many of which include prime, high-footfall and busy traffic locations.
  • Demographics: We ensure that your advertisement is tailored to suit your target audience. We use age, gender, income level and interests of your consumer base to deliver an effective campaign.
  • Impressions: This describes the number of eyeballs that will fall onto your billboard each day. Our interactive displays allow brands to increase their reach and awareness. 

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Why you should be advertising OUTDOOR right now in Sunderland

Delivering more impacts than local press

Being a football hotspot and boasting a fantastic seafront has seen Sunderland’s tourism levels increase year on year. Traditional billboard advertisements in this case not only help businesses in Sunderland target locals but help them to reach a newer, wider audience. 

Understanding the marketing opportunities this presents, Global has acquired multiple locations and spots throughout the busy high-streets, commercial roads and transport links throughout Sunderland.

High traffic locations include:

Are you missing out on local customers in Sunderland?

Visitors arriving at a train station will need a taxi service. A poster or display ad displaying a local taxi company at this point will prove very effective, not only for the taxi company but the viewer who needs the service to venture into the city centre. 

OUTDOOR advertisements, in particular billboards, have the power to increase a company’s growth and profits. Often taking them from an SME to a large, lucrative business. 

They provide the opportunity for local businesses to boost their services or products at the right exact time the customer needs them. That’s why we’ve carefully positioned our billboard locations throughout Sunderland to help local SMEs achieve brand awareness, fame and relevancy in a world of oversaturated ads.

How to design a billboard that connects with your audience

  • It’s very important to create a promotional message that is simple, bold and concise. The fewer words you use the better. Keep to eight as a rule. 
  • People connect with people. Using a picture of a real person will lead the human eye to meet the eye in the advertisement ensuring your ad gets seen.
  • The most successful OUTDOOR media solutions are billboards that use humour and convey strong branding.
  • Again keep it simple, the important part is highlighting your services and unique selling point. You want to convey your message in a professional manner that gives the consumer confidence in your product or service.
  • Placing multiple advertisements across many prime sites is often recommended to keep catching the individual every step of their journey.
  • You can raise conversions by focusing on a couple of traditional billboards that are strategically positioned.
  • Understand your demographics, this will help you to customer map and pinpoint where your audience spends most of their time.

The advantages of local billboard advertising in Sunderland

Visible 24/7

There’s a reason why billboards are one of the most recommended mediums of marketing. This is because they are static, do not compete with other brands to deliver their message as seen in digital displays and can be positioned for maximum exposure. 

On top of this, billboard advertisements are visible constantly, meaning your business solely gains full exposure no matter the time of day or time of the week. 


A misconception about billboard advertising is that it’s expensive. However, Global knows that this is false. 

Billboard advertisements, in the modern age, are one of the most cost-effective marketing solutions that help save companies money and supply a good return-on-investment. 

Each advertising product we have sold this year has been less expensive than other media channels of communication like online display ads and TV. 

Billboard advertisements placed in areas of high foot traffic that are highly sought after are, more often than not, more affordable than other marketing mediums. 

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