Advertising in Durham

Bus and Outdoor advertising in Durham

Why use Global in Durham?

Global has an exciting portfolio in Durham which provides businesses with unparalleled coverage in the city reaching 58% of the population weekly.

With around 170 Arriva buses and 110 Go North buses covering Durham, Global provides you with the opportunity to reach the heart of the community on a vast scale. From those visiting the city, to the young and connected student population, to those inhabiting the city, buses go where they go and so will your message. So whether you’re a local business wanting to draw in those in close proximity, or an outside company wishing to make the most of this high coverage area.

Advertising with Global delivers far wider coverage than press and enables businesses to engage with urban audiences on the move. Below are the available opportunities with Global in Durham;


  • 55% of Durham population regularly travel by Bus!
  • 262,000 in Durham have seen bus advertising this week- They’re everywhere!
  • Roadside Billboards - large and small formats


  • Rail stations and train advertising 
  • Metro advertising 


  • InLinks
In comparison only 25% of the Durham audience read local weekly papers

The beautiful city of Durham lies in the North of England upon the river Wear.  A historic city Durham plays home to the 13th century Finchale ruins, and two UNESCO World heritage sites: the 11th century castle and Norman Cathedral, attracting tourists from across the country. These historic sites are not alone in driving the city’s tourist industry. Indeed they exist alongside many cultural attractions, from the Botanic gardens, to the Oriental museum, to its famous indoor markets open since 1851.

Home to a variety of festivals celebrating the regions history, Durham hosts an annual minor’s Gala and Brass festival, alongside more modern festivals like the beautiful Lumiere festival of light, attracting 175,000 visitors in 2013 (Source:

Bus Advertising in Durham

Durham Audience

Durham is a very cultured city housing the third oldest University in England, the University of Durham. Hosting over 17,500 students each year, 21% of whom are not of a UK origin, the historic, traditional city is awash with a young and diverse population (Source: 

The younger demographic make a very desirable audience, being early adopters of technology and more open to trying new products and services.

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