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Global is the market leader in Outdoor Advertising on transport networks throughout the North East area. The North East is home to 2.6 million people, a high proportion of whom are ABC1, making them highly valuable for advertisers.

Outdoor advertising opportunities are available across the North East, covering audiences across Durham, Newcastle  and more.

Global is responsible for media opportunities on:-


  • 95% of the bus network in the North East area
  • Roadside Billboards - large, premium and small formats 


  • 99% of National Rail opportunities in the North East area
  • 100% of the Tyne and Wear Metro network


  • InLink 
Reach as many local people as possible

We have a dedicated team based in the North East, with in-depth knowledge of how you can reach your local consumers with our media. 

Simply call 0800 80 85 619 , use our online chat function or fill in the contact form on the right to speak to a Local Account Manager.

Advertising with Global on local road, rail and retail formats will expose your business to more people than your local newspapers!

For case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of outdoor advertising, click here

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  • Why use Bus advertising in the North East?

    Buses in North East

    1.8 million people in the North East have seen Bus advertising in the past week

    Did you know?

    • The average Bus covers over 700 miles every week, advertising your message to new audiences every day as they make their way around their routes.
    • 86% of people can recall a Bus advert they’ve seen.
    • There are 184 buses travelling down New Bridge Street in Newcastle every hour – they’re everywhere!

    It’s not just those people on the outside being exposed to Bus advertising. There are a staggering 207 million passenger journeys in the North East every year, with 76% of people thinking Buses are a big part of the community.

    So if you want to be big, be bold and be seen then Bus is right up your street!

    How It Can Work For Your Business

    Bus advertising example

    Hays Travel – Testimonial

    “Buses have one big advantage over all other forms of outdoor activity.  They move. Which means they, and we, can be seen all over the North East. As well as Buses we use a mix of media - TV, Radio and Press. To find out if this mix is working for us my team regularly asks customers where they heard about Hays. No surprises for guessing that Buses always come up. It’s not just that they have seen them, they say it was the advert on Buses that prompted them to come in store.”

    Helen Curran, Marketing Manager, Hays Travel

  • Achieve Reach with National Rail advertising

    Rail advertising in North East

    6 million passenger journeys were made last year across 50 Northern Rail and First TransPennine Express commuter stations

    The average traveller spends 7 minutes waiting for a train and 13 minutes travelling looking at advertising. National Rail advertising is ideal for call to action campaigns as potential customers have the time to absorb the details of your advert and even dial a number or access a website as they wait. Research shows that the longer consumers spend looking at adverts, the more likely they are to remember and act on them.

  • Metro advertising

    10 million Metro passenger journeys made a year

    With 77.6 million passenger journeys on the network each year, Tyne and Wear Metro is essential to the everyday life of consumers in Tyne and Wear. A mixture of underground and overground stations, the network covers shopping centres, business and industry hubs, sports grounds, universities, seaside resorts and entertainment spots as well as being a direct means of travel to the airport.

    The Metro gives advertisers the opportunity to talk to local consumers in a captive environment as they make and wait for their journeys, creating a special connection with consumers and ensuring that your business is seen and remembered on a daily basis. 10 million passenger journeys a year are made by people on the way to the shops so Metro advertising gives you the perfect opportunity to influence them just before they hit the high street.

  • Roadside_Billboards - 96-sheets

    Global are a clear market leader in static large roadside formats. We are No.1 in Roadside 48-sheets (48% market share) and our static 96-sheets (47% market share) deliver scale, cover and Impact across the North East
  • Roadside_6-sheet

    Our 6-sheets deliver brand building; influence spend and proximity. These a strategically placed to engage passers-by. Our BT 6-sheets have brought us access to central boroughs strengthening our 6-sheet positioning in the city and across the country.

    Included in our small format offering is our convenience and cinema 6-sheets these target consumers when they are in a high purchase mindset and are more susceptible to the influence of advertising. 

  • InLink Advertising

    InLinks have the ability to give you reach in the heart of the high street and city centre. Create content that has the ability to gain instant engagement with over 300,000 consumer engagements with the built-in internet-connected tablet your message can be shared instantly

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