Billboard advertising that drives sales in Nottingham

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Billboard advertising that drives sales in Nottingham

Global is one of the leading marketing and advertising experts throughout the UK. Owning thousands of OOH billboard advertising sites across the country means that we can target and reach any desired demographic easily and effectively.

We are recognised in the advertising industry in Nottingham for delivering custom campaigns that provide our clients with a notable return on investment. Past campaigns have seen us give small businesses a platform and a voice that’s heard even in a saturated market.

Striving for success – Global always do more than just billboard advertising. We work closely with our clients to deliver impressionable campaigns that connect them to the right audience, at the right time. See success stories.

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Drive sales

New to billboard advertising? Our decades of experience has taught us to invest and lead with analytics. This has seen us deliver a successful campaign after a successful campaign. Using KPIs we can easily pinpoint and target the customer of your choice – the customer who acts.

Types of billboard available in Nottingham available:

For more information, read our guide to buying outdoor advertising here.

Billboard advertising in a digital age

Over recent years, we have witnessed many new budding marketers experiment with online traffic to grow their brand – it’s often perceived as the new trend to opt for digital marketing rather than traditional mediums.

In the age of viral content and online shopping, there’s this new pressure to capture your audience online. But despite how easy it is to reach someone through their phone in their pocket, billboard advertising stills remains to be the most effective channel.

Traditional billboard adverts still to this day capture the market’s attention in more diverse and creative ways. Effective for driving sales and increasing brand awareness, there’s a reason why you should include it in your marketing plan for the year.

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Why you shouldn’t wait

The large sheet sizes and precise locations and placements of billboards do a great job at boosting your exposure to area wish you to target. Unlike digital channels of communication, billboard advertising can provide you with the opportunity to reach a wider, more engaged audience. See case studies.

This is because billboard advertisements are always there – they are static and they never move. In a saturated market of digital ads that are intrusive and annoying, billboard advertisements in comparison enhance the viewer’s experience.

Millennial entrepreneurs are often very savvy of social media marketing and SEO practices. This is because their target audience is younger and more engaged with technological devices. However, the only disadvantage of this is that it does not allow you to target everyone you need to increase sales. Whereas, billboard advertising can help you achieve a larger and more diverse market. 

Billboard adverts can:

  • Build your company reputation
  • Improve your brand’s image
  • Uses the most powerful marketing tool; word of mouth
  • Achieve brand awareness, fame and recognition

See the gallery of billboard advertisements we’ve run in the past here.

High trafficked areas in Nottingham (Midlands):

  • The Royal Theatre (Theatre Square, Nottingham NG1 5ND) – request information now.
  • Derby Road and A453, A52, Ashby Road
  • Flying Horse Walk, intu Broadmarsh, intu Victoria Centre
  • Nottingham Knight roundabout and Priory Island

View all our prime regional locations.

Billboards can’t be avoided

The one reassuring thing about committing to billboard advertising is that you are guaranteed an audience. The display and location of your billboard advertisement can make it difficult for customers to ignore your ad.

Global are experts in consumer behaviour. We know that when people are out and about or commuting to work that they take notice of their surroundings. As the brain and eye process images a lot faster than words, people’s attention often fixates on the designs of billboard advertisements, especially if it’s on their route to work every day.

Billboards are a subtle way to influence people into buying into your business or product. Often see at crucial times where people are about to shop, they serve as a reminder for the customer to engage.

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