Advertising in Coventry

Why use Global in Coventry?

Global has an exciting portfolio in Coventry which provides the most effective way of advertising to this valuable audience.  Choose from;



  • Cinema 
  • InLnks 

Advertising with Global delivers far wider coverage than Press and enables businesses to engage the urban audience on the move.

  • 59% of Coventry population regularly travel by Bus – They’re everywhere!

  • Over 240,000 people have seen Bus advertising in the last week – Buses go where people go!

  • 165,000 Rail journeys have been made in the last month alone. – Your ticket to a first class audience!

  • Only 18% read the Coventry Telegraph!

(Sources: NX West Midlands, TGI, JICREG)

In the heart of the West Midlands, Coventry is home to a unique selection of internationally renowned family friendly attractions, popular cafes, bars and quirky restaurants. The city has seen significant growth over the last few years and is now placed as the UK’s 10th largest city (Sources: Census 2011, Visit Coventry)

If you are looking to establish and grow your brand in Coventry, Global provides unparalleled coverage to 85% of the Birmingham audience on a weekly basis. (Source: TGI)

Coventry Audience

The strong sense of history and culture is what makes Coventry the dynamic, multicultural city that it is. With strong links to London and a growing student base around the University, Coventry looks to continue its population and economic growth going forward.

Its residents belong to aspiring homemakers situated within private suburbs, alongside younger families aged between 25-40

The people who are outdoor most in Coventry are those advertisers want to reach: 64% own or are buying their home, 48% are ABC1, 49% are more likely to be in a professional occupation and they don't try to avoid advertising on our media.

The city is also known for its shopping experience, with 30% more 15-34 year olds than the UK average, advertisers benefit from targeting these high spending consumers. (Source: Experian, TGI)

Click here for case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of Outdoor advertising in the Midlands

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