Bus Advertising in London

Why use Bus Advertising in London?

5.9 million people in the London area have seen Bus advertising in the past week

91% Commuters Remember Bus Ads‎: bus advertising takes your message directly to your customers; it’s local, it’s targeted and can communicate your message to a large and valuable audience in London quickly and affordably.

You will get an unmissable advertising campaign, driving past your potential customers all day, every day, telling them what you’ve got and where they can find you.

Be big, be bold and be seen

Works well as a stand–alone medium or in conjunction with other media

Bus advertising is proven to extend reach amongst light TV viewers, typically younger and more upmarket audiences. It also broadens coverage with Press and provides a visual element to Radio campaigns. As a broadcast medium, there’s hardly an audience that buses cannot deliver in huge numbers. Bus advertising audiences.

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Buses are the largest form of advertising on the high street and offer the greatest variety of creative formats. People’s proximity to Bus sites and their dwell time gives Bus advertising even greater impact.

Did you know?

  • The average Bus covers over 700 miles every week, advertising your message to new audiences on the move every day
  • 91% of Londoners can recall a Bus advert they have seen.
  • 1 in 4 Bus adverts go through the most affluent and highest retail spending boroughs in the capital (Kensington and Chelsea)
  • 62% of ABC1 adults in London have noticed advertising on Buses in the last week
  • 84% of Londoners prefer Buses with advertising (work.shop.play, London Journeys 2013)
  • London Buses are an iconic symbol of London, behind Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and the Underground. (work.shop.play, 2013)
  • London Bus passengers – 70% are ABC1.
  • There are almost 9,000 London Buses. (TfL)
  • 2.3 billion annual passenger journeys. (DfT)
  • 700 routes across the capital. (TfL)

It’s not just those people on the outside being exposed to Bus advertising. There are a staggering 2.3 billion passenger journeys in London every year.

So if you want to be big, be bold and be seen; then Bus is right up your street! 

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