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To keep ahead in an increasingly competitive market, understanding local communities in all their diversity is important to us.

We’ve partnered with a number of local authorities across the UK to get their message across to their communities.

Here are some of our highlights from the local authorities sector.

Environmental Sustainability – Midlothian Council

Midlothian Council

Midlothian Council ran a four-week campaign using Lothian Buses. The campaign targeted drivers along the main bus routes in Midlothian and those travelling to the Midlothian stations on the new Borders railway.

'Along with holding events, distributing pocket guides with maps and raising awareness locally, the campaign helped raise awareness of walking and cycling. Midlothian Council saw a decrease in car journeys at two railway stations and increase in active travel levels to and from the stations. The campaign, along with promotional events, also had an impact on website visits, which increased 20 to 40%.'  - Bogdan Handrea, Active Travel Officer, Midlothian Council

Our Key Audiences

Local Authority 2

People who find it difficult on their present income: 
  • 50% see Bus ads every week
  • 65% travel on London Underground
  • Nearly 40% travel by Rail


  • 53% see Bus ads every week
  • 4.4m see advertising on London Underground every week 
  • 2.1m see advertising at a Rail station every week


  • 5.4m see Bus ads every week
  • 1.1m see advertising on London Underground every week
  • 1.2m see advertising at a Rail station every week 

  • By using public transport the message can be seen and shared by everyone.

    “Bradford District Credit Union has attracted over 1,000 new members with the number of people using the service rising by a further 27%. The Credit Union opened a second city centre branch and promotional activity was focused around advertising on the backs and interiors of buses.”

    Clare Bussingham, Senior Marketing Officer, The City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

  • Enquiries to Bradford Council's adoption service increased by 52% year on year, with a 43% increase in enquiries over the past 3 years.

    "The campaign has been going really well with a good return on enquiries generated. Enquiries from people looking to adopt continue to grow. It seems more and more people in the community have seen the Bus campaign, with over 50% of all enquiries coming from the Bus advertising campaign."

    Helen Picton, Adoption & Fostering Marketing Officer, The City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

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