Health remains a key issue in the UK and our clients are working hard to find ways of communicating, educating and engaging with people of all ages.

Here are some of our highlights from the health sector.

Stay well this winter

Stay well this winter_RT

Many clients have contacted us on upcoming winter campaigns which aim to keep people well, and out of surgeries and A & E.

To keep costs to a minimum and maximise the value of your media, we need to integrate the work with NHS England, Public Health England and the Dept. of Health better. Phil Bastable, Head of Marketing at NHS England has done just that and provided a timetable below, and creative.
Phase 1 - October: 111 
Phase 2 - October: Flu vaccination (parents of young children, pregnant women)
Phase 3 - November/December: Stay well (65+)
Phase 4 - December: GP Access
Phase 5 -February/March: Pharmacy – parents of young children

Hull City Healthcare partnership – reducing attendance and waits in A&E departments

Hull City Healthcare partnership ran a Superside Bus campaign that delivered a decrease of 6% of people to casualty and an increase of 6% to their drop-in centres

Hull City Healthcare

Social Marketing – Tameside MBC


Why did you decide to use Bus and Rail advertising for your ‘ONE YOU’ campaign?

We decided to promote Public Health England’s ‘ONE YOU’ campaign on Bus and Rail as it was great for raising the profile of a public health message to local residents. We also wanted to drive residents to the website to showcase the range of health Apps they could download for free. 

Why did you feel it would be a good fit to deliver the ‘ONE YOU’ campaign message?

'ONE YOU’ is a good fit for Bus and Rail as the campaign needed to target all the adult population, especially those who may put others before their own health and wellbeing. It is about taking the time to look after yourself and because public transport is so well used and seen in Tameside, it was an excellent opportunity to reach all Tameside residents. 

Has social marketing played a part in the creative and messaging on the Bus Mega Rears? 

The three Bus Mega Rears we booked played an integral part in the overall messaging of the social marketing campaign. By using the buses for a publicity photoshoot, it delivered additional PR too in the local press. 

So far what has been the impact of the Bus and Rail campaign?
The overall impact of the campaign has been the increase in awareness of the ‘ONE YOU’ health message in the local community in Tameside. Likes to the Healthy Tameside Facebook page also increased because of the campaign. Feedback from colleagues has been great and they always comment on how often they see the Bus campaign.

Charlotte Lee, Public Health Programme Officer, Tameside MBC

  • Health remains a key issue in the UK and our clients are working hard to find ways of communicating, educating and engaging with people of all ages.

    Got a cough? Get a check. - that's the advice from the three NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups in Leeds in their latest bus advertising campaign, which played a part in the increase of annual survival rates from 34% to 41%.

  • “Bus advertising was the top “straight marketing” intervention and the third highest overall behind “I saw it/was told in my GP practice” and “I saw it/was told in a pharmacy.” From our own survey 1 in every 5 people cited the bus adverts as the main source of information about the walk-in chest x-ray service.

    The bus campaign also had a positive effect internally, with many staff commenting that they “feel part of something big.”

    People at a recent event, attended by councillors, local residents, former patients and community groups said: “Buses were an important part of the campaign.”

    I think Exterion Media products represent excellent value for money. The team provides a great service and aim to get the best for their clients. We were not only advised on the best Bus plan to reach our target audiences but Exterion Media also gave us top tips on how to layout our creative so that our campaign message delivered the most effective impact in our target area.”

    Carolyn, Walker, Communications and Engagement Manager, NHS Leeds West CCG

  • Heathlwatch bus advertising

    As a brand new organisation, Healthwatch Essex have been working hard to raise awareness among the general public of their new service. The theme of the campaign "Make your voice heard", resulted in hundreds of people contacting them to give their views and experiences of local NHS and social care services to help improve how they're designed and delivered to the community.

    Healthwatch Essex commissioned some independent research to evaluate the effectiveness of their recent Bus advertising campaign. Some of the key findings are listed below:-

    • 1 in 4 recalled seeing the campaign.
    • It is important to have a clear and consistent message when promoting something new.
    • Prior to the campaign, many respondents were not aware of the role of Healthwatch Essex.
    • Following the campaign, 70% would be prepared to use the service.

    Source: Ladders Associates

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