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Global and The Pollen Shop have developed a partnership

We've been working with you as clients for some time and know the struggle you face to do more with less. This approach looks to collectivise the work you do separately in order to invest in research that helps with your future goals - without adding costs. This partnership looks to grow the pool of specialist foster carers.

Recently we have been looking at how to connect with people who have some pre-existing skills and experience that may make them great foster carers, but who currently don't really understand what foster caring is all about. These people are important because they may be more likely to support children with complex needs. They don't however tend to engage with traditional fostering recruitment messaging because they are already switched off.

Increasing the pool of specialist foster carers is essential to improving outcomes for many children who are difficult to place, and will enable local authorities to save significant amounts of money by reducing the need for residential care.

The research is at a very early stage but so far has been illuminating. It indicates that amongst people who have not considered fostering, but who have some pre-existing skills and experience, there is:

  • High awareness that fostering can be emotionally challenging
  • Low awareness that fostering can be intellectually challenging
  • Low awareness that children who require a foster placement have very different needs, and consequently foster parents with different skill sets
  • Low awareness that children with very complex needs are often adolescents rather than younger children

An innovative partnership

Global is the market leader in Outdoor Advertising on transport networks in all local markets throughout the UK. The Pollen Shop works across social care and financial services improving the way organisations connect with people that matter most to them.

Together we are generating new insight into how our clients can better target key audiences. Over the next few months we will continue to capture data, as well as developing a set of messaging tools for local authorities who want to increase their pool of specialist foster carers.

To find out more about how we can help you reach out to more foster carers please contact:

Karen Landles, Behavioural Insight Director, Global - 0800 80 85 619

Oliver Walters, Behavioural Insight Manager, Global - 0800 80 85 619

Gwilym Morris, Founder, The Pollen Shop - + 44 1792 360437

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