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Local authorities are meeting to address the economic challenges facing their area. Economic growth is at the heart of these conversations.

We work with many councils and key stakeholders across the UK, both public and private, to deliver advertising solutions that will drive people or businesses to town centres and visitor destinations.

Check out some of our highlights from the economic development sector.

Destination Audience 

  • 80% of all people who have taken a short break in the UK, see ads on Global assets every week
  • 5.4 million people who have taken a holiday in the UK, have seen Bus advertising in the past week
  • Those adults that go to festivals are 70% more likely than the UK average to see advertising on London Underground each week
  • 22 million rail journeys have been made by those that take a short break in the UK.

Tourism Board – Case study

The Challenge:
A tourism board wanted to promote holidays in their country and reach London’s most premium audience at Canary Wharf.

The Results:
  • 20% of commuters at Canary Wharf could recall the tourism board ads spontaneously, without being prompted
  • 57% recalled seeing the tourism board ads on the iconic screens at Canary Wharf
  • 71% of those who recalled the ads at Canary Wharf intend to look for more information about this destination online or in travel books (vs. 5% who did not recall).

Visit Scotland – Driving affluent independent visitors

Visit Scotland

The objective was to build a cohesive and appealing destination brand, create a strong emotional positioning and set of values for Visit Scotland – which, through more sophisticated segmentation, would appeal to a high-yield audience. 

Visit Scotland chose to focus on independent, mainly upmarket couples who were professional 25-44 year olds.

Over two years the overall spend in Scotland went up a staggering 22% in a global market that dropped. This contributed to £163.5 million additional net spend to the visitor economy, by using TV, cinema, social media and London Underground.

Working for local attractions

Sewerby Hall_RT

"East Riding of Yorkshire Council wanted to increase awareness of Sewerby Hall & Gardens, Bridlington Spa and other leisure facilities in East Riding to encourage visitors.

The campaign on Digital created greater awareness of the leisure sites, increasing footfall." 

Julie Ostler, Advertising Officer, East Riding of Yorkshire Council 

Dominate the Westminster Corridor

Engage MPs, Ministers and Mandarins on public policy impact as they walk to Parliament’s private entrance. 

Westminster Domination

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