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London outdoor advertising formats and London audience

Easily being the UK’s largest urban area, London is a vital part of any advertiser’s strategy. At Global, we reach the largest London audiences with our media, across iconic features such as the London Underground, London Buses and the Cities of Westfield.

Londoners as an audience are hugely valuable and attractive to capture and engage with. The people of London differ from the rest of Britain as they are shaped by their environment - living and working in Europe’s largest multicultural urban area. Londoners are typically younger, hyper-connected, early adopters and opinion leaders with high levels of disposable income. 

“London is effectively New York, LA and Washington all rolled into one - the capital of finance, culture and politics.” - Neil O’Brien – Director of Policy Exchange

The London Urban Audience

  • 69% of London’s workers are ABC1
  • Approximately 20% of all UK managers and professionals work in Greater London
  • 54% of Londoners are aged between 20-44 (compared to % across the rest of the UK).
  • London has the highest penetration of smart phones in the UK and 2 in 3 of them own a tablet.

Source: TGI 2015, ONS 2013, 2016,

Understanding the London Audience

We are passionate about learning all we can about the audiences we reach across the capital.  Using our All Eyes on London initiative, we created a new and engaging thought leadership piece giving practical insight into understanding the London audience and how to reach them, as we believe London has an increasingly important role to play as the divide between London and the rest of the country widens.


Global is a proud supporter of #LondonIsOpen

London is the best city in the world. We are entrepreneurial, international and outward looking. London is known as a city full of creativity, a place where anything is possible. The key ingredient of our city’s success has been the flow of brilliant ideas and talent from across the globe. Our city is comfortable in its diversity, proud of its history and optimistic about its future. London is open.

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