As the UK begins to ‘unlock’ as a result of COVID-19, Global is ready for business.

Whilst we appreciate many businesses still face uncertainty and may be reluctant to commit to marketing activity, we have created this dedicated resource to help provide audience data, product insight and, importantly, reassurance as you return to Outdoor advertising.

As audience needs have evolved, Outdoor has continued to play a vital role providing:

Global - The Great Un-lockdown: Information & Explanation, Reassurance & Connection, Distraction & Escape

Now more than ever it is important to understand consumer behaviours and the changes they are making to their everyday journeys. Our dedicated Data and Insight teams are constantly monitoring the state of the nation using a myriad of data sources.
Accuweather – Road & Pedestrian Mobility 

As their only commercial partner, we’re able to utilise the data provided by Accuweather to get a better picture of the changes in vehicular and pedestrian mobility.

Global - The Great Un-lockdown, start of lockdown 40.1% pedestrian audience, 39.3% vehicle audience  -  July 2020 95% vehicle audience - 78.3% pedestrian audience

Source: Accuweather March v July 2020

Global Insight

Normality now, adventure later

Global - The Great Un-lockdown, changing audience attitudes - normality now, adventure later

Source: Global Insight, June 2020, base: 1,003

Moving on from Empathy

At the beginning of lockdown, people said they wanted brands to care, be proactive and safeguard the vulnerable.

In June, these needs changed:

Global - The Great Un-lockdown, how people want brands to be after empathy

Source: Global Insight, June 2020, base: 1,003

There is so much more data and insight available to advertisers which the team here at Global is more than happy to take you through. 

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