We care about our audiences and how they move about their daily lives outside of the home; the journeys they make, when and where they make them and how to engage with them on the move.

We use data to ensure our clients and agencies communicate with their target audiences in the most optimal manner. This is not just by ensuring that campaigns are efficiently delivered but also that the message being delivered is contextually correct based on time and location, delivering a better ROI. 

Abi (Audience Behavioural Insights)

Global has built an exclusive, proprietary insight tool, developed for the London Underground ecosystem – Abi. 

Our data partnership with Telefónica is unique in OOH
, and bespoke to the London Rail environment. Our dashboard provides us with an analytics tool that centralises and visualises mobile data from O2 mobile devices.

Abi provides: 

Massive scale: access to movement and behaviours of 1 million+ devices

Actual behaviour, as opposed to claimed and modelled; e.g. Travel patterns, web/app behaviours, home and work location

Flexibility to manipulate data and identify audiences from a station, journey and time perspective

Allowing us to:

  • Optimise inventory by audience, location, and time
  • Strengthen audience segmentation for outer stations
  • Target foreign visitors by pin-pointing international roaming

Station Down:

With Station Down, we are able to look at a whole host of detailed information around Zone 1 Stations, or collections of stations. 

Exterion Media - Abi Insight Tool

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