The Engagement Zone


Developed in collaboration with COG Research and Bournemouth University, this study on the London Underground uses a combination of eye tracking and skin conductance response data, in-depth interviews and surveys. We have discovered how travellers on London Underground pay attention to advertising and actively welcome it in this environment, seeing it as a journey enhancer.

In fact, the research demonstrates that advertising on London Underground is more engaging than online video advertising.

  • Almost all travellers are favourable to London Underground advertising.
  • 80% of those who don't like social media ads or TV ads like London Underground ads.
  • 6 out of 10 notice when new ads appear on London Underground.
With this unique understanding of our audience, we can help advertisers optimise their creative messaging. What’s more, advertisers can also use our new Creative Testing Tool to ensure their campaign will really engage the London Audience to maximum effect.

View our original Engagement Zone study here

Engagement Zone 2.0 (2018 study)

With our digital portfolio across the TfL rail estate growing, we decided to update our Engagement Zone research to assess the effect of our new video capabilities.

Using the same methodology as before, but adding an additional mobile tracking element, we discovered that Tube users not only engage with advertising in the station environment, they are also moved to act on it:

  • 1 in 8 people are searching for or looking to purchase products relating to an ad seen on their journey
  • 40% are searching for a brand or category relating to ads they viewed within one week
  • When we looked deeper into the data we found that static ads were looked at most, but engagement was increased by video – showing Tube users to be 4 x more highly engaged with full-motion content
We went a step further to understand the importance of engagement by working with Voxpopme’s video analytics team and discovered that there was a 40% uplift in sentiment generated by the ads utilising full motion over static. 

“I found ‘The Engagement Zone’ Breakfast event interesting and informative, especially advances in skin conductance technology. It clearly demonstrates the value of the London Underground platform to both customers and advertisers, but I believe the study may also offer value beyond advertising insights by providing us with a better understanding of other environmental factors, such as customer information provision and customer engagement with marketing, the art programme, and poems on the Tube.”  Chris Bonner, Senior Station Strategy Manager; London Underground

“The findings revealed by The Engagement Zone study are extremely interesting - the fact that there were multiple stages, layers and different people involved provides robustness and gives the study real credibility and gravitas. There are some parts of the study we’d like to explore more deeply;  the project is fascinating and really makes us think about our own commute! This morning’s session was great – concise and succinct at an ideal time of day.”  

Frances Revel, Associate Director; The7Stars

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