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Culture Vultures
takes a look into our latest arts and attractions survey. 

The findings reveal that 86% enjoy going to the arts to escape the everyday, meaning it is likely that their interest for the arts will continue in the year ahead, despite half believing Brexit will impact the UK’s access to talent when it comes to exhibitions, shows and events.

Diversity and the arts was a key theme when it comes to what the audience wants to see more of, with 79% believing there needs to be more opportunity for people from all walks of life to be involved in the arts sector. However, 66% do agree that the representation of ethnic minorities in the arts is improving. Furthermore, 65% agree the representation of women in the arts is also improving.

Looking at our data, we identified three key audiences with the strongest attitudes and behaviours towards the arts – they were the most interested in the arts and driving visits to each of the following: Attractions, Museums & Galleries and Theatres. 70% agree that despite it being easier to consume content at home, the arts are still an important pastime. This increases to 83% of Londoners. 61% agree that when it comes to the weekend, events, shows and exhibitions are at the top of their to-do lists, increasing to 73% of Londoners. 77% agree they enjoy going to new arts venues, increasing to 84% of Bus users.

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