ZipJet campaign drove action and increased purchase consideration among Tube users


The Challenge

ZipJet, an innovative dry cleaning start-up in a highly competitive market, wanted to increase brand awareness among Londoners and drive people to their website.

The Execution

In October 2016, ZipJet ran an advertising campaign on the London Underground. This consisted of a two-week burst on 4 Sheets, one of the most cost-effective formats for driving brand awareness. 

The London Underground activity was part of a wider advertising campaign across Press, Digital Display, PR and Experiential

To see the results of this campaign, download the case study below:


“Our #LAUNDRYLIBERATION day campaign reconciled entire offline & online marketing campaigns in the space of a single day. Frontloading our resources in this way was a daring and unique way of approaching start-up marketing. We were thrilled with the outcomes - we've observed significantly increased orders and traffic, as well as commercial interest in ZipJet and awareness surrounding the brand more generally.”

Finn Lagun - UK Marketing Manager, ZipJet

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