Multiformat campaign on LU helped increase future consideration and current interactions with Rescue Remedy



The Challenge

To increase campaign awareness amongst the Rescue Remedy’s target audience and attract new users

The Execution

In February 2018, emotional wellbeing brand Rescue Remedy ran a campaign on our formats within the London Underground, targeting purchasers of natural healthcare products.

They ran a multiformat campaign on Tube Carriage Panels, 16 sheets and Train Carriage Panels, from 12th February until the 25th February with interviewing taking place between 23rd – 28th February. 

To see the results of this campaign, download the case study below:



“The challenge for Rescue was to cut through to London Underground customers who are always on the go. By using a combination of different formats and a creative that stood out, Rescue was able to punch through and increase awareness amongst our key audience. The juxtaposition of the sometimes hectic nature of the Underground and Rescue’s message centring on taking a moment, strengthened brand association and created a successful OOH campaign.”

Jen Kendall – Senior Brand Manager UK, RESCUE Remedy®

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